14 US ales to go on sale in the UK, must appreciated Malton brewer

14 US ales to go on sale in the UK, must appreciated Malton brewer

14 US ales to go on sale in the UK, must appreciated Malton brewer

THERE were 33 on the voyage, sturdy and reliable individuals every one of them, and they had one purpose: to bring back brilliant beer.

They went out together and they came back together, crossing the Atlantic twice. Now, after a round trip of 7,000 miles they are back home in Malton: 33 casks full of Massachusetts ale.

For Brass Castle Brewery and its owner Phil Saltonstall, this moment has been a year in the making.

Last autumn, he took the first step, sending a pallet of empty Brass Castle casks to Massachusetts and distributing them between carefully-selected breweries.

And last week, those casks arrived back in the UK, at Liverpool Docks, aboard ACL’s vast cargo vessel Atlantic Sail.

There are 15 different beers, from four breweries: Aeronaut, Lord Hobo, Mayflower and Notch. Of those 15, only Mayflower’s Porter has ever been available in the UK before, says Phil, on the American bar at the Great British Beer Festival.

The novelty value for enthusiasts is obvious, and demand, therefore, is sky high. Kev Jones, Brass Castle’s operations manager, is fielding interest from around the UK, but Phil says a decent proportion will remain in Yorkshire. Local interest includes from Market Town Taverns, whose bars include Brigantes in York, The Old Bell and The Swan on The Stray in Harrogate, and The Mitre in Knaresborough.

But the beers won’t come cheap.


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