A Home Brewer Experience

A Home Brewer Experience

Thorny Devil is Australia’s best, favourite Craft Beer: we all agree!

Thorny Devil, one of Australia’s most awarded craft beer is available online, at bottle shops or within your local pub, club or restaurant: if not, ask us and we will organise all.

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Thorny Devil brews beers and ciders that ignite drinker’s taste buds. Just like our brewers, let’s get to know some who finds comfort from brewing.

Getting to Know Our Brewer

Trevor Mitchell’s story shares similarities with that of the people behind many other small breweries across Australia. A long term home brewer (25 years, in fact) with a professional background that required attention to detail changing direction to do something he loves. Striving to create a great product that he and others will enjoy.


He’s Mandarin speaking ex-Navy electrician that you fully appreciate the saying: “Your life is about the journey, not the destination”.

And what a journey. Firstly China, back to Australia when his twins were born, then Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and China again before a holiday along the Murray River convinced Trev and his wife to move to Sandon in central Victoria, a small town of 50 people, and launch 40 Acres Brewing. With his first beer, a session IPA, available across Victoria, one Trev found out what led the other to this point.


Interview Proper

Trev Birks: I guess the most obvious question to ask first is: “How did you get into brewing?”

Trevor Mitchell: I’ve been brewing for 25 years as a home brewer, starting with the Coopers kits then slowly into partial mashes before moving into all grain brews on a stove top set up.


TB: Something every brewer experiences no doubt!

TM: Absolutely. We were there for two years where Jo was a teacher in international schools and I worked offshore. In China, we lived amongst a huge American, British and Canadian expat community and received great comments from our US friends about my beer being on par with what they got in Colorado. It definitely gave me the confidence to keep brewing and try new things.


TB: Like every band that has a hit album with its first attempt, there is pressure to follow up with something as good, if not better, so what’s next for the 40 Acre range?

TM: Our next beer will be an amber ale using our own hops, which will be released at the Bendigo Craft Beer & Cider Festival on March 19. I’m hoping to use organic grain and make a fully organic amber ale, then move into something a bit darker for winter.




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