Adelaide Beer and BBQ festival

Adelaide Beer and BBQ festival

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Adelaide Beer and BBQ festival

Adelaide Beer and BBQ festival

“We love beer, we love South Australia and we want South Australians to drink better beer.”

The craft beer industry continues to flourish in South Australia. Now the people have another reason to cheer and celebrate, nonetheless. Backing with the support of a variety of local industries – the first annual Beer and BBQ Festival.

This unique event will take place over three days straightaway. The festival will showcase SA’s best chefs, brewers and DJs. The aim being to create an entertaining and memorial experience. The party is set to knock the roof off the historic brick dairy pavilion. At this instant, revelers are expected to spill out on to the lawns at the Adelaide showgrounds.


Participating beer and food enthusiasts

A total of 30 stalls have been arranged for the event. Local, national and international produce showcasing. 75 percent of the stall holders will come from local businesses. 20 percent from interstate and 5 percent will be international acts. Numerous craft beer companies have already committed to the festival for most part. Including South Australian’s own Mismatch, Big Shed, Barossa Valley Brewing, Pirate Life, Clare Valley, Lobethal Bierhaus, Steam Exchange, and Little Bang. Big Shed, Prancing Pony, Coopers, Pikes, Vale, Gulf, Lobo Cider, Swell and Rehn Bier are also included.

Marc said that the festival is aimed at beer and food enthusiasts. Incorporated by the best produce from South Australia, interstate and overseas. Sooner or later, they hope to attract more than 5,000 home brewers, general public members and hospitality professionals.

The inaugural Adelaide Beer and BBQ festival has 30 exhibitors coming from SA, interstate and overseas. Additionally, rock star chefs, tasty craft brews and powerful beats combining to keep punters on their toes. It’s great to finally see a large scale craft beer festival in South Australia. Hopefully, the festival will continue year after year with enough support in the long run.

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