As a Brewing Consultant

As a Brewing Consultant

We all think Thorny Devil is Australia’s best, favourite Beer, your Australian Craft Beer.

Thorny Devil, one of Australia’s most awarded craft beers, it is available online, at your local bottle shop and in your local craft beer bar, your pub, hotel, club and fine dining restaurant: if not, ask us and we will organise all.

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Thorny Devil wants you to live and learn all about beer, Australia’s best craft beer: so we give you all the craft beer news = globally; hope the following article helps you understand more about beer and the best craft beer:


The greatest strength of a craft brewery is its process. This is what differentiates home-grown brews from every other run-of-the-mill beer lurking on the shelves out there. Our unique brewing process incorporates rainwater along with time-honoured German techniques. Utilising custom home-made equipment, and every small, handcrafted batch blends the highest quality. The freshest ingredients we source from around the globe. Thorny Devil’s ambition for authenticity informs our mission to educate all the thirsty guys and gals around. How flavoursome real beer can be through unique, quality experiences. Our vision and eventual goal is to become one of the most respected and preferred craft breweries in Australia.


As a Brewing Consultant

brewing consultant

It’s all change at Murray’s, with the man who brewed the New South Wales brewery’s very first beers. When it first launched at the iconic Pub With No Beer returning to take up his old head brewer’s role. Graeme Mahy returns from his native New Zealand, where he’s been putting out beers under the 666 Brewing name. Working as a brewing consultant in recent years, as the man who took over from him almost seven years ago moves on to pastures new.

Outgoing head brewer Shawn Sherlock has started work on a brewpub in the centre of Newcastle that he hopes to have open by March next year. He began working with Graeme at the old brewery in Taylors Arms within months of it opening.

Brewery founder Murray Howe said in a statement announcing the return of his foundation brewer: “Graeme’s appointment comes at an exciting time for our company. Murray’s is experiencing a huge upturn in trade, with great support from the Australian consumer. Graeme’s international experience, combined with the great Australian heritage of Murray’s Craft Brewing Co, will see us doing some hugely exciting and innovative things over the coming years.”


The Brewer’s Journey

Shawn joined Murray’s less than a year after it launched – leaving a job at the University of Newcastle and moving his young family several hours away from their home – since when he has overseen the move to the current brewery site, introduced a wealth of innovative and highly-rated beers and recently worked on the commissioning of Murray’s new, much larger brewery at its Bobs Farm site. Along the way, he has been named Brewer of the Year and, for many beer lovers, became the face of the brewery – and not just because it stares out from the labels of the Shawn’s Fault India Black Ale.

“I was there for eight and a half years and have fantastic memories of the whole period,” he says. “It was such a great opportunity for me when I started up there. With two young kids, it was a big step to take at the time and I was a very young brewer when Graeme offered me the chance because he needed some help. They took a punt on me and I took one on them, but we had some great times and brewed some really good beers out of there.


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