Aussie Craft Beer Goodness

Aussie Craft Beer Goodness

Thorny Devil broadens people’s horizons. Showing them the amazing results that are achieved through the chance to slow things down. Providing ultimate care and exacting detail to every step of the process. Surely, lovingly pouring our hearts and souls into each glass.  This level of mindfulness is what differentiates Thorny Devil craft beers from those mass-produced cans lining store shelves, and it’s what our beers are all about.

Thorny Devil, award winning Australian beer understands people’s desire for unique beers and ciders with irresistible flavours. Our beers and ciders will leave you totally enrapt with its taste and quality.


Aussie Craft Beer Goodness

We usually do one of these roundup articles once we’ve added another nine breweries and venues to our craft beer directories as nine makes for a nice beery montage image. This time around, however, it seems we’ve been more efficient than we realised and have already added another dozen since the last one.

The dozen is made up of breweries and craft beer bars from Western Australia, Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria, from the small to the large, the brand new to the reinvented. There are more to come later this week and, if we can maintain momentum, another dozen or so to be added before Christmas rolls around.


Craft Beer List

Anyway, without further ado, the latest additions to our directories of craft beer awesomeness are:

  • 7 Cent Brewery
  • Flat Rock Brew Cafe
  • Gage Roads
  • Nomad Brewing Company
  • Prancing Pony Brewery
  • The PBC (Petersham Bowling Club)
  • The Trans
  • Shenanigans Brewing
  • Two Birds Brewing
  • The Flodge (Forest Lodge Hotel)
  • Forester’s Hall
  • New Brighton Hotel

We’ve got heaps more breweries, venues and bottleshops on the site, all of which are visited by someone from The Crafty Pint before we create our listings, and hope they’re helping you in your ongoing missions to explore and encourage the country’s growing craft beer industry.


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