Australian Brewery

Australian Brewery

It’s amazing what you can find down the back of the sofa. And even more amazing what you can find when you set fire to a sofa.


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A couple of years back, three mates who had been homebrewing together since meeting while studying engineering at university in 2003 had spent the night trying to come up with a name for their long-mooted brewery. By 2am, they still had nothing. Inspiration was running dry.


For want of something better to do, they decided to torch an old sofa that was no longer wanted by its owner. Up it went in flames – but still they had no name for their brewery.


The following morning they returned to the site of their bonfire to find charred remains and a handful of springs. There, among the wreckage were some one and two cent coins – coins that must have been down the back of said sofa for a long, long time. They gathered them up and counted them: seven cents. Thus 7 Cent Brewery was born.


Next Saturday (February 16) the first official beer from the brainchild of Doug Bremner, Brendan Baker, and Matthew Boustead will be launched at Penny Blue. A 5.9 per cent UK style ESB, it will form part of their core range, with the other regulars being a West Coast US style IPA (with a Kiwi hop twist) and B4, a Belgian Dark Strong Ale that is the latest iteration of Matthew’s first ever all-grain brew – you’ll have to ask him what the four Bs stand for…


“We were all home brewers [when we met at university],” says Doug. “I started getting into all grain brewing and really loved the process. We were drinking a lot of craft beer, which was taking off in Australia. We were really enjoying a lot of craft beers that were being imported from overseas and felt that some of the Australian craft beers didn’t challenge us that much. But we were inspired by what some people were bringing out and wanted to be a part of that ourselves. We loved making beers, perhaps even more than drinking them, so thought we could make a career out of it”


As with many home brewers, they were soon set upon taking their hobby into the real world. In fact, plans to set up their own brewery began in earnest almost three years ago. Yet, despite having a website for their venture in place for some time too, it’s only now that they are officially launching their first beer, having tapped a single keg of B4 for a Movember party at Penny Blue late last year.




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