Australian Craft Beer Industry Demands a Fairer Deal

Australian Craft Beer Industry Demands a Fairer Deal

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Australian Craft Beer Industry Demands a Fairer Deal

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Australia’s booming craft beer industry is demanding a fairer deal from the Federal Government, saying the current tax regime is holding it back.

Key points:

Craft beer brewers are hit with an excise of $49 per litre if sold in bottles, compact kegs
Owners of Willie the Boatman brewery say the tax they have to pay is hurting their business
Senior Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese says the regime needs to reviewed now craft breweries are commonplace
The number of craft breweries has more than doubled in the past five years to over 400 nationwide.

Despite standing out as a bright spot in the flailing manufacturing sector, craft brewers say they are being hurt by Australia’s two-tier beer tax regime.

“It’s just crazy, it’s outdated, it’s from another era,” Willie the Boatman brewery co-owner Pat McInerney said.

“It should be just one levy across the whole spectrum of beer.”
The tax office slugs brewers based on how much pure alcohol is in their beer.

Pure alcohol is taxed at about $34 a litre if full-strength beer is sold in a 50 litre keg.

The identical beer in smaller packaging, such as bottles or more compact kegs, attracts an excise of $49 per litre.


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