Australian Craft Beer Industry Survey 2016

Australian Craft Beer Industry Survey 2016

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Of the challenges facing our industry in 2016 the lack of reliable industry data is among the most serious.
Industry data is key to us developing our businesses and to the CBIA continuing its work of engaging with governments and spreading the positive story that our industry is creating.

The CBIA office receives numerous requests every week for industry data from industry members, the media, government departments and researchers looking at our industry.

The CBIA recognises its responsibility to address this issue on behalf of the Australian craft beer industry. To that end we have once again commissioned the Australian Craft Beer Industry Survey in 2016.
We recognise this is a busy time for all in the industry but we know that you will do your best to find the 15 minutes required for such an important exercise.

What is the 2016 Australian Craft Beer Industry Survey ?

The survey will be conducted online and will consist of approximately 15 questions examining areas such as production, employment and expenditure. The information that we collect will be of a high level to ensure a better response rate which will help give us an accurate read of our industry.
You can view the survey

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