Australian craft beer news: Making Noise

Australian craft beer news: Making Noise

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It’s fair to say that what’s been going on in Queensland over the past couple of years has been little short of remarkable. Where once the beer lovers of Brisbane were worried as to whether they would have even one place to enjoy a decent beer, now the small and craft beer bar scene has come alive and is among the most vibrant in Oz. Meanwhile, new breweries and brewing companies, such as Bacchus), 4 Hearts and Green Beacon, have appeared on the scene, with some making headway on the national stage.


And now there is another or should we say two more to add to that list, with the commercial release of the first beers from Fortitude Brewing and side label Noisy Minor imminent. We’re yet to taste any of their beers here at Crafty Towers, but even if we hadn’t heard the positive feedback on the pre-launch event that took place a few weeks ago, we’d have every confidence that they would be of a high quality. Why? Well, the head brewer’s pedigree is pretty strong for one.


Ian Watson left New South Wales’ brewery Murray’s, where he worked alongside head brewer Shawn Sherlock and was responsible for the likes of Seasons In The Abyss, to head up the new operation. And prior to that, he had been Australia’s first “beer sommelier” at Toowoomba’s The Spotted Cow, back before 99.9999999 per cent of Queenslanders would have been aware that such a thing as craft beer existed, and has since worked as a brewer at the likes of Mt Tamborine and the Sunshine Coast breweries.


“Demand is so high that I just can’t keep up,” says Ian, in what must be one of the earliest cases of a brewery hitting capacity. “We already have plans underway for our new brewery and want to start building that so we can make enough beer.”


For now, the operation is housed at the old Eagle Heights Brewery in Mount Tamarine. It’s a small 5 hL set up on which Ian can only brew three times a week. As for the two labels, the idea was borrowed from the wine world, with Fortitude’s range to feature more traditional beer styles and Noisy Minor where the experimentation will occur…


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