Australian Craft Beer = Thorny Devil Craft Beer = Yes?

Australian Craft Beer = Thorny Devil Craft Beer = Yes?

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Thorny Devil wants you to live and learn all about craft beer: so we give you all the craft beer news = globally; hope the following article helps you understand more about craft beer:



They say that doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results is a mark of insanity. Pete wasn’t exactly going insane, but he was becoming a bit disenchanted with his existing situation —one who couldn’t quench his obsession with finding new craft beers. Instead of setting off on a hero’s quest to capture a golden brew, he took matters into his own hands, synthesising his skills in chemistry and brewing to produce some unique beers and ciders to ignite the taste buds of discerning drinkers.

Thorny Devil strives to provide irresistible flavours of crafted beer. We truly believe beer is about experimenting, exploring and having fun. Thorny Devil brews beers and ciders that ignite drinker’s taste buds. Thorny Devil is available at local events and festivals.


Cairns What?


To those of us not born in Australia, the similarity between the pronunciation of the words “cans” and “Cairns” is far from obvious. So when we received a call a few weeks back from Cam Hines, co-founder of Melbourne’s Mountain Goat, wanting to run an idea past us, at first we were somewhat bamboozled.

We understood the bit where he explained that they were planning to release their first beer in cans. And also that, inspired by last year’s trip to the Northern Territory to take craft beer where it had never been before on Goat Island, they wished to do something similar for their 16th birthday. Yet why they would want to take their new beer to Cannes, when as far as we knew they didn’t sell any beer in France and had no immediate intention of doing so, was beyond us.


What do you mean?

Then the penny dropped. “You mean Cairns? Not Cannes?” “Yes. Of course. Seriously, Crafty?”

And so it was that, armed with a selection of their beers and with a camera crew in tow, they headed to Far North Queensland to follow last year’s NT beer dinner with a similar event at a similarly unlikely location: Go Bowling tenpin alley in Cairns. There, with many of the attendees resplendent in their team bowling shirts, Cam and fellow brewery founder Dave Bonighton (pictured above auditioning for a role in Home and Away) gave a guided talk through their range, from Steam and Hightail through IPA to Summer Ale and Hopfweizenbock, while we posed questions of the bowlers to find out what these dedicated XXXX Gold and rum drinkers made of them – and what craft beers might have a chance of succeeding in the tropics.

Perhaps unsurprisingly there was little love for the IPA – “too bitter” being the most common cry – while conversely the Hightail found plenty of backers.


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