Australian craft beer Thorny Devil news: beer taste better

Australian craft beer Thorny Devil news: beer taste better

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CERRITOS, Calif. – A 100 percent Filipino product, now distributed by Filipinos here in the United States, is off to a great start.

Beer Below Zero (BBZ), a patented technology beer freezer launched last month, has been getting a great response in the U.S. market.
“I am proud BBZ is in America and I hope other restaurants will serve the beer,” said BBZ patron Joel Enriquez.

“Different in taste is frozen from the outside and perfect chill inside,” said beer fan Danny Reginaldo.
Beer Below Zero was started about six years ago in the Philippines by three friends whose common goal is to find a better way to enjoy the taste of beer.

After a thorough research and development, Beer Below Zero’s unique technology that enhances the taste of beer was born.

“It is a beer freezer that’s what it is with a technology that enables us to serve a beer at a particular temperature before it freezes and it is colder than ice,” said BBZ Sales and Marketing Director Richard Villaluz. “We basically process any kind of beer. We serve it a perfect temperature at negative nine to eleven degrees Celsius.”
With BBZ’s successful distribution in the Philippines and the Asia-Pacific region, Beer Below Zero is now ready conquer the United Sates.

“We have offices in Chicago and New York,” said BBZ Partner & Exclusive Distributor JP Carino. “Start there in those big, big areas but concentrate really in those where it’s really warm like Houston and Florida. So we are going to distribute it there. The long term, imagine the freezer or serving Beer Below Zero at Staples or Dodger Stadium or Madison Square Garden. I’ll be proud to have it there it being a Filipino product.”
Claire Reginaldo, owner of Josephine’s Bistro in Cerritos is honored to be the first to use Beer Below Zero in California. Now, two other Filipino-owned restaurants use BBZ.
“We always believe in Filipino ingenuity,” said Reginaldo. “So when this was presented to us, we thought you know this is going to take us to the future. This is a very innovative product.”

As BBZ USA aims to bring this Filipino product not just in restaurants and establishments but in homes as well, two smaller capacity BBZ freezers for personal use will be available in the U.S market soon.

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