Australia’s Best Craft Beer Delivered Straight To You

Australia’s Best Craft Beer Delivered Straight To You

The greatest strength of a craft brewery is its process; after all, this is what differentiates home-grown brews from every other run-of-the-mill beer lurking on the shelves out there. Our unique brewing process incorporates rainwater along with time-honoured German techniques utilising custom home-made equipment, and every small, handcrafted batch blends the highest quality, freshest ingredients we source from around the globe.

Although we strive to bring the world a little closer together with our inclusion of quality global ingredients, we can’t tell a lie. Mandurah isn’t just where our brewery is; it’s where our hearts are, too. This is why we make the conscious choice to support our region through the use of locally-sourced ingredients. Our ambition for authenticity informs our mission to educate all the thirsty guys and gals around us about how flavoursome real beer can be through unique, quality experiences. Our vision and eventual goal is to become one of the most respected and preferred craft breweries in Australia.



To call newly opened Collingwood venture The Craft & Co ambitious is to underestimate it. Not content with offering three food menus and matching courses with wine, beer or spirits, the team is filling the taps with its own beers too.

Joining the long list of venues located along Melbourne’s 86 tram line, and sitting at the north end of Smith Street, the converted warehouse that previously housed a menswear store is unassuming from the outside – until you spot the window display showcasing a gleaming spirit still (pictured below).

Since opening on December 1, the Smith Street venue has been impressing and surprising those who have wandered through its doors as the sheer scope of the project becomes apparent. It’s not just a restaurant, not just a bar, not just a beer and wine store, but all of that and more. Before long, patrons will be able to take lessons in cheese or salami making, or learn more about brewing directly from the in-house brew team.

Operations manager Umberto Fato says the response from the Collingwood community since their door first opened has been a joy to watch.

“People are just amazed at what it is,” he says. “As soon as I mention we want to teach people to make salami, cheese or beer, their eyes light up.

“The whole idea of this is to have theatre. You can sit down to your breakfast or lunch or dinner, and you can watch our staff making salami or cheese. You can speak to them and learn more about what we’re doing.”

The team takes the concept of “paddock to plate” seriously – making their own bread and cheese and curing their own meat is just the start. The on-site distillery and 10 hectolitre brewery are two of the stars of the show, with collaboration projects and contracting space for fledgling gypsy brewers a key part of the unfolding philosophy. Their brewery will play host to a rotating stream of collaborating brewers and, in time, the spirit still at the front of the store will be doing its thing too.



“We want to have all the taps filled with collaboration brews. We want small operations coming in, brewing, and having us put it on tap,” says Umberto.

“If someone is coming out of uni but doesn’t have the capital to get brewing, they can come here and we can help them. We can get them brewing, provide that support and education, and that gets their foot in the door.”

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