Australia’s best craft beer = Thorny Devil craft beer

Australia’s best craft beer = Thorny Devil craft beer

Thorny Devil is Australia’s best craft beer:


Thorny Devil Craft Beer is available online, or you can purchase our Pale Ale or Blonde Ale at your local bottle shop and in your local craft beer bar, your pub, hotel, club or any fine dining restaurant: if not, ask us = and we will organise all: 1800 995 007.


Thorny Devil wants you to live and learn all about beer, Australia’s best craft beer, the craft beer world: so we give you all the craft beer news = globally; hope the following article helps you understand beer, craft beer (we also want to give you news about great Australian beers, the best craft beer, food and wine festivals and beer events, craft beer awards:-


Thorny Devil values are pretty simple, which is just the way we like them. Good beer doesn’t overcomplicate things, and neither do we. Keeping things small allows us to ensure each batch is positively perfect. Do you want to chug some watery swill produced by some faceless grey suit who lets machines do all the work? Or would you rather be able to walk down the road, check out what’s brewing, and get to know the people making your favourite drink? We know our answer to that, and we know you’ll appreciate the care and dedication that go into every bottle we produce.


The greatest strength of a craft brewery is its process; after all, this is what differentiates home-grown brews from every other run-of-the-mill beer lurking on the shelves out there. Our unique brewing process incorporates rainwater along with time-honoured German techniques utilising custom home-made equipment, and every small, handcrafted batch blends the highest quality, freshest ingredients we source from around the globe.

Australia’s Latest Breweries

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It’s that time again. We’ve added another dozen new brewery, bar and bottleshop listings since our last roundup. So if you missed them when they were added, here they are in one handy location.

The dozen added since May come from Western Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia. Needless to say, there are plenty more waiting in the wings, so much so that the next roundup may well be just a few weeks away. We’re off to Tassie soon, too, so there will be more love for the southern isle before too long.

In the meantime, here are 12 more to notch local breweries and craft beer supporting venues for you to get behind.


New Brewery, Bar and Bottleshop Listings



  • Homestead Brewery



  • Woolshed Brewery
  • Gilbert St Hotel
  • Benjamin on Franklin
  • Pirate Life Brewery



  • Hawkers Beer
  • Napoleone Brewers
  • Blackman’s Brewery
  • Dainton Family Brewery



  • Bitter Phew
  • North Curl Curl Cellars



  • Brisbane Brewing Co


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