Band of Brewers in Brisbane

Band of Brewers in Brisbane

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Band of Brewers in Brisbane

Band of Brewers

It was only a matter of time before something like Band of Brewers happened in Brisbane. There’s an unfathomable amount of beer love around town so it should be no real surprise that local craft brewers have taken the community spirit one step further and come together as one. Spearheaded by Fortitude Brewing Co’s national sales manager Dan Rawlings, the Band of Brewers is a new collective of brewers from South East Queensland that plans to release a collaboration beer every few months. And it’s one that will evolve too because the representative craft breweries – and their brewers – will diversify every so often.

The plan is that every participating brewery will take a turn in hosting and producing a batch of beer. The first brew took place recently at Fortitude’s Noisy Minor brewery. In the driving seat were Ian Watson, Simeon Bonetti (Brisbane Brewing Co) and Mark Howes (Newstead Brewing). The next brew will take place at Newstead and the third will be hosted by Brisbane Brewing Co.


Band Concept

Mark said the whole concept of Band of Brewers is very exciting. They get to share ideas and thrive on each other’€™s perspectives. They want to give something back to Brisbane that they – as a craft beer community – can be proud of. As a collective with a single identity they’re able to showcase what we can do at a different level.

With such an enthusiastic beginning to what promises to be an adventurous journey, Brisbanites can certainly expect a few treats. At present, there are no immediate plans to bottle any of Brisbane’s free flowing beer love; instead each brew will generate a limited amount of kegs which will be tapped at selected venues across Queensland’s capital.


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