Beer flavored Latte anyone?

Beer flavored Latte anyone?

Starbucks is testing a beer-flavored latte

Starbucks, known to experiment with flavor options on more than one occasion, is once again offering coffee that doesn’t taste like coffee.

The coffee giant is currently testing a non-alcoholic stout-flavored latte, named the Dark Barrel latte, in select locations across Ohio and Florida.

For coffee drinkers who want they could start their day off with a frothy beer, the stout-flavored latte may be what people are looking for, minus the alcohol.

According to The Telegraph, the latte is made with stout-flavored syrup — similar in taste to Guinness –and comes topped with whipped cream and a dark caramel sauce. Testers have had mixed reactions so far, with one describing it on Twitter as “cozy but not sweet,” while others have compared it to malt vinegar.

Currently there are no plans to launch the product nationwide yet.  But Starbucks drinkers have taken to Twitter to give some early feedback.

Beer-flavoring in treats in nothing new.  It has shown up in everything from ice cream to jelly.

Dark Barrel latte is the latest in a string of new concepts, including a “small batch” cold-brewed coffee, coconut milk as a dairy-free alternative, and a “mini” Frappuccino.

Tell us what you think.  Are you ready to try a beer-flavored latte?

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