Beer glass

Beer glass

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This post begins my series on glassware. I’ve touted the importance of glassware in many posts before, but today I’m starting to review various pieces of glassware so you know what to expect if you shell out the money to pick them up. Today’s glass it the Stemmed Omnis Glass from Offero. A unique, one-of-a-kind glass that you won’t see in too many bars. Interested in how it hold up? I’ve got all the details below.


As I’ve stated before, I’m a sucker for beer glassware. I love using the proper glassware for each beer, so when I came across the Offero glassware, I had a few questions. My first big question was if the novelty of the Stemmed Omnis glass actually helped keep aromas in place and if I would notice a difference in taste when the aromas were so directed during each drink. As you should know by now, aroma plays a huge part in taste, so being able to smell more when you drink is a good thing.

Along with this, I also wondered how weird it would be drinking out of a glass that would be so close to my face each time I used it. Since I had nothing to compare it to, I contacted the company to see if I could sample a glass so I could see how it works and so I can tell you, allowing you to be more informed if you wanted to purchase one.


Full disclaimer: Offero sent me these glasses for my use and review. I promise this is not changing my review of the glass, but rather giving me a chance to write all about it.



The Glass

The first thing you notice when you take the glassware out of the box is the size of the glass. They are sort of a cross between a Belgian goblet and a large wine glass. While the glass only holds about 12 ounces, the curved lip makes it look much larger. Make sure when pouring a beer into the glass that you don’t pour more than the recommended 12 ounces, especially since this is done on an angle, and when you un-tilt the glass, you may have more beer in the glass than it can hold!


The second thing I noticed about the glass was the thickness of it. I was expecting a thicker glass, similar to a solid snifter or goblet, but instead the Offero glass is very thin, once again similar to a large red wine glass. This is by no means saying the glass feels cheap, though. It’s just thin.



The Comparison

The best way to see how a glass works is to put it through it’s paces. I’ve had this glass for about two months now, and in that time I’ve put one of pretty much all the basic styles of beer in it to see how it works. For some of the styles I thought fit the glass best, I did a side-by-side comparison in the glass I felt the beer should be in.


One example is with Bell’s Hopslam. This double IPA works great in a large snifter that allows for some head space. Pouring half the bottle into each glass, I first tested the aroma. The snifter was easy to smell, as was the Offero. The Offero did feel more natural, however.


The second test came with a drink of the Hopslam. With the snifter, my nose was right in the snifter, giving me the aroma as soon as I started my drink until I started to move it from my mouth. The Offero, however, cupped my nose before I started my first drink, and cupped it slightly after. This small amount of extra time helped to give a better profile to the taste when I took it, since I got the aroma before, during, and after instead of just during.



The Good Stuff

So, the positives of the Offero Omnis glass really focus around aroma. The glass’s angular top definitely helps to cup your nose when drinking, making a noticeable difference in taste, at least for me. The glass is stemmed, giving you a place to hold it without warming your beer, but still giving you the option to cup it if you want. While it is thin, the Offero glass definitely feels like a substantial piece of glassware, making it ideal for big beers.



The Bad Stuff

While there are a TON of great points to this glass, there are definitely a few things I did not like. The first being that while cupping your nose helps with aroma and taste, sometimes it does seem a little awkward. On a few occasions I was wearing my eyeglasses while drinking out of it, and I did hit them more than once. Also, when the beer gets low in the glass I did notice I had to tilt my head back more to finish it. Once again, not terrible, just not perfect. The last negative I can mention is the frailty of the glass. It is a thin, stemmed piece of glassware that has an angled top, which makes it very difficult to store and dry. Since you NEVER want to towel-dry a beer glass, air-drying is the only option. This glass will sit on it’s angled end to dry, but it does so very precariously. I am afraid of breaking it every time I clean it. None of these are deal-breakers, but they are worth noting.



Should You Buy It?

After a few months of putting the Offero Omnis through it’s paces, I would say it’s definitely a glass that every craft beer fan should have. It really has become my go-to glass, as those of you that have seen my beer pictures can attest to. I’ve had everything from dark beers like Bell’s Expedition Stout, to Belgians like Orval, to IPAs like Southern Tier’s 2X IPA and all have performed perfectly. I’m glad I looked into this glass because it really is my current favorite glass.


While I did receive this glass for free to test out, I don’t get anything from Offero if you buy it. I am recommending this glass to you solely on my experience and overall impression.




To wrap this up, you can buy the Offero Omnis glass either stemmed on non-stemmed. at the following Amazon affiliate links, which I do make a few bucks if you buy from. Remember, those couple of bucks helps me to write more and give more freebies away, so I appreciate the help

  • Stemmed Omnis
  • Non-Stemmed Omnis

Offero also makes a line of coffee cups and bowls, which are all equally awesome. Check out everything about the company at their website.





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