Beer Review: craft beer review:

Beer Review: craft beer review:

Thorny Devil is Australia’s best, favourite Craft Beer


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Thorny Devil, one of Australia’s most awarded craft beer is available online, at bottle shops or within your local pub, club or restaurant: if not, ask us and we will organise all.

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For this beer review, I chose a very unique beer. Anderson Valley has a series of beers called their Mendonesia Series, which includes a line of sour beers that are available year round. THe beer I chose is a sour stout with a quite unique name. Today’s review is Anderson Valley’s Featherleggy Bulrusher. Let’s check it out.
Featherleggy Bulrusher is an amazing beer that captures the sour style of beers and pairs it with a stout. This is definitely a unique beer that not everyone will like, but those who like sours should enjoy it.


The Details

Brewery – Anderson Valley
Beer Name – Featherleggy Bulrusher
ABV – 5.8%
Style – Sour Stout
Serving Type – Draft
Beer Advocate Rating – N/A
Brewery Location – Boonville, California
Availability – year round
Color – black
Head/Retention – Decent ring with continuous floating head
Aroma – Slight aroma of coffee and sour notes rule this beer.
Taste – Cocoa taste with a direct sour taste. Some notes from port barrel aging noticeable.
Finish – acidic and fruity



Overall, this beer has a good, unique sour taste to it while keeping the stout style right in line. Fans of sour beers should definitely like this. Unlike sour ales, this has the chocolatey stout character to balance out the acidic sour taste.



Craft Beer Academy Score

Craft Beer Academy Score (out of 10) – 7

I gave this beer a 7 out of 10 for the uniqueness of the sour taste. The beer holds it own in the sour field, but mating with the stout style does give somewhat of a mismatch, which gives this a slightly lower score than I would normally give a sour beer.


I am still a big fan of this beer, and strongly recommend it to anyone that appreciates a good sour beer.


Thanks for checking out this review of Anderson Valley’s Featherleggy Bulrusher. Check out my other beer reviews too.

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