Beer Review: Southern Tier’s UnEarthly IPA

Beer Review: Southern Tier’s UnEarthly IPA

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Today I’m reviewing a beer from one of my favorite breweries; Souther Tier UnEarthly Imperial IPA. This brewery is in Lakewood, New York on Lake Chautauqua. This beer fits perfectly into it’s style and is a great example of an Imperial IPA. Let’s take a look at UnEarthly.


Southern Tier’s UnEarthly IPA is a great example of an American Imperial IPA. This beer came from a Southern Tier sampler pack, and was very fresh.


  • Brewery – Souther Tier
  • Beer Name – UnEarthly
  • ABV – 9.5%
  • Style – Imperial IPA
  • Serving Type – Bottle, poured into a Tulip Glass
  • Beer Advocate Rating – 92
  • Brewery Location – Lakewood, New York
  • Availability – Year Round
  • Color – LIght copper
  • Head/Retention – Solid white foamy head with good retention. Good lacing.
  • Aroma – Malty with a good hop character.
  • Taste – Citrusy hop character with a heavier mouthfeel. Slight taste of alcohol and tons of malt sweetness.
  • Finish – Slightly bitter with a lasting sweetness and hop taste.




Overall, I really love this beer. This is a great example of an Imperial IPA. There is definite hop-driven bitterness but there is more than enough maltiness to make up for it. The beer pours well and leaves a nice white head that dissipates slightly but still leaves good lacing from start to finish. There is a hint of pine in the hops, but the main hop taste I get is citrus. Damn fine beer.



Craft Beer Academy Score

Craft Beer Academy Score (out of 10) – 9



I give this beer an 9 out of 10 because of the solidness of this beer. It’s got the malt backbone to hold it’s share of hops, but still isn’t candy sweet. The 9.5% ABV is hidden well in this beer as it’s not too boozy. It’s missing the last point mainly for mouthfeel. Carbonation isn’t held throughout this beer and it gets somewhat of a flat taste about 1/2 to 2/3 down.


Imperial IPAs are a good beer year round and are a treat for those who love a good IPA. This beer doesn’t let you down on either count.


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