Beer Review

Beer Review

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Cape Bouvard Winery the Thorny Devil Brewery is the only winery and boutique brewery in the Mandurah shire. We are just 20 minutes’ drive south of Mandurah and about one hour south of Perth, just off the Old Coast Road.

The Cape Bouvard Winery and Thorny Devil Brewery is located on a prime waterfront location on the edge of Lake Clifton – home to unique Thrombolites: living rocks! This is one of only two places in WA home to the world’s first life form.

We are surrounded by grassed lawns, set in a grove of large Tuart and Willow Trees on the edge of Yalgorup National Park, where you can enjoy meals from our restaurant whilst taking in the vista.

Our outdoor rotunda is a popular family dining area near the picturesque vineyards which supply us with fruit for wine production. Our beer is also brewed on site. If it’s cold, sit inside by the log fire and enjoy your meal. You are also welcome to use our wood-fired barbeque.

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Winter is really the best season for stouts. A good stout, with it’s higher alcohol and dark color just seem to warm you up on a cold night. Today’s beer fits with this theme, and adds even more. Southern Tier’s Choklat is an amazing chocolate stout that boasts 10% alcohol and a killer chocolate character that is never overpowering but always good. Part of the Blackwater Series from Southern Tier, this beer is meant to be strong, dark and all around awesome. Let’s check out Southern Tier Choklat.



The Facts

  • Brewery – Southern Tier
  • Beer Name – Choklat
  • ABV – 10%
  • Style – Imperial Stout
  • Serving Type – Draught into a 12oz snifter
  • Brewery Location – Lakewood, New York
  • Availability – Winter, release in November
  • Color – Opaque, deep brown
  • Head/Retention – Average light brown head, thin ring
  • Aroma – Definite chocolate, slight vanilla
  • Taste – bittersweet chocolate with a light cherry taste.
  • Finish – finish moves to more bitter chocolate with some vanilla



Overall Impression


Southern Tier is one of my favorite breweries for a good reason. Choklat delivers a solid chocolate stout taste with hints of vanilla on the front and finish. The higher alcohol in this stout helps to balance the intense chocolate aroma and taste, giving a good all around experience. The head is the only thing lacking in this beer. It is strong in the beginning but fades quickly. The mouthfeel is exactly what you’d expect for a strong chocolate stout. Somewhat thick with nearly no carbonation, but in a good way. The killer feature of this beer is the alcohol content. At 10%, you don’t notice the strength until you realize how well it balances the chocolate.





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