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Thorny Devil Beers

Like a veritable fountain of youth, our medley of brazen brews is available on tap, eagerly awaiting its expert pour direct from our brewery into your glass. To keep them rustic and natural, our beers aren’t filtered or pasteurised. These processes rob the valuable flavours and aromas from the beverages, and who wants a beer with no heart? Although you might notice some scant sediment in the bottom of your bottle, fret not; this just means the beer has retained its full, natural glory and you get to enjoy maximum flavour and quality.

What makes Thorny Devil even more venerable is the way we fizz things up—a process that’s on the verge of fizzling out at other breweries. Most of those large-scale factories run by accountants, not brewers, use the force-carbonation method of bubbling up their brews with carbon dioxide. We follow the time-honoured technique of keg conditioning, wherein the fermenting liquid naturally generates its own carbonation. This makes our bubbles smoother and rounder, resulting in a more uniform and endlessly palatable experience.

We treat each blend like an honoured friend, ensuring that small batch-worthy flavour explosions burst with every 100% preservative-free sip. And, like a new pal, they get better the more you get to know them. The first sip will catch your attention, the second will grab hold of you, and by the end of the glass you’ll be totally enrapt—you won’t want to leave a sip behind. We use pure, local rainwater during the brewing process, blending it smoothly with premium hops and malt straight from Germany for beers that are truly drinkable to the last drop.

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Blonde Ale

4.4% ABV

Everyone knows beach babes have all the fun, and this deliriously wicked blonde is no different from them.

Sure, it’s a bit pale, light-bodied, and dry, but the distinguishing Riesling and pear aroma (and subtle vino flavour) and characteristic fruitiness elevate it to a sunnier level; a few sips of this radiant ale will have you feeling like you’re relaxing on the sand. This is the ideal brew for people who don’t love those more robust, hoppy beers, but it’s still mighty agreeable, pairing well with almost any meal, especially fresh Mandurah seafood.






3.5% ABV

In the mood for something kinder, gentler, softer? Get your mitts on a glass of Thorny Devil Vienna Lager, stat.

This mid-strength amber lager is characterised by an elegant maltiness that blooms into a refreshingly crisp and dry finish. Make no mistake—it’s still robust and malty, but it softens to a balanced close to settle your palate. Plus, the lower alcohol content means you can knock back a few without catching a case of the stumbles. Thorny Devil Vienna Lager is one prime example of top-quality ingredients harmonising with tried and tested techniques. Typical mid-strength lagers tend to fall on the toilet- bowl end of the flavour spectrum with their pallid wateriness and lack of mouthfeel. Our Vienna Lager blends the finest Viennese malt, Continental hops, and traditional German brewing techniques to produce a full, malty amber brew that revives your taste buds and leaves them begging for more.


4.6% ABV

Despite what its name implies, there’s nothing pale or sallow about this striking reddish-copper blend.

Decidedly hoppy, this popular ale explodes with passion fruit-melon flavours and aromas that tantalise without becoming overpowering. Initial citrusy floral notes impart a perfumed, fruity character bolstered by the malty-sweet essences of caramel and toast, and the lingering hoppy bitterness melts into a medium-dry finish. Although touted as a “mini-IPA”, this brew has all the hoppy balls of a 6+% ABV IPA. But with the drinkability of only 4.6%, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to finish off several glasses of this American-style pale ale that leaves you wanting just one more pint.




4.6% ABV

They say you’re always supposed to keep an eye on the dark, quiet ones because you can’t predict their next move.

Fortunately, our dark ale isn’t up to anything nefarious. Instead it uses its inky power to provide you with clean, crisp bitterness that’s assertively balanced with a smooth, sweet-malt backbone and notes of biscuity caramel flavour. This coppery casanova boasts an aromatic hop presence and firm, creamy head. But unlike most darker beers, Thorny Devil Dark Ale is surprisingly light and easy to drink—not a gut-bomb of a Christmas dinner—with a medium body and a dry finish. Plus, there’s something about it all the ladies seem to love; our best guess is that these tall, dark, and handsome types just always have all the luck.


5.0% ABV

This light and bubbly Bavarian wheat blend dances across your palate with the distinctive flavours of clove, banana, and citrus.

If you’re searching desperately for some happiness in a glass, this uplifting brew starts working its magic with its rich aroma—the result of unique yeast strains and delicate malt— before you even take a sip. But our Wheat Beer isn’t all fluff and fantasy; it has a hearty, long-lasting rocky head to back it up. This makes for a great session beer that also pairs well with a cheese platter or the zest of citrus-flavoured desserts, which highlight its spicy undertones.