Bendigo Beer – On The Hop

Bendigo Beer – On The Hop

Thorny Devil’s values are pretty simple, which is just the way we like them. Good beer doesn’t overcomplicate things, and neither do we. Keeping things small allows us to ensure each batch is positively perfect. Do you want to chug some watery swill produced by some faceless grey suit who lets machines do all the work? Or would you rather be able to walk down the roa? Check out what’s brewing, and get to know the people making your favourite drink? We know our answer to that. We know you’ll appreciate the care and dedication that go into every bottle we produce.


Bendigo Beer – On The Hop

Bendigo Beer

Bendigo Beer is a concept that’s been a success from day one. The brainchild of a couple of locals who bonded over beer at the Dispensary Enoteca. Determined to raise the profile of craft beer in the city has helped turn many bars, restaurants and pubs to better beer since its inception. It has run a number of different events, from home brew comps and dinners to Oktoberfests and, most successfully of all, Bendigo On The Hop.

In a calendar that’s increasingly full of beer events – big and small – this one still managed to stand out. It’s a one day festival that features a load of brewers showcasing their wares. Nothing unusual there – but it does so by pairing them with venues throughout the regional city and encouraging guests. Making their way between them over the course of the day. Thus, not only do brewers get to showcase their beers but a wide array of beer supporting venues get to show off what they do to new customers.


A very successful Event

As for the concept itself, attendees chose a starting venue and then make their way around the venues over the course of the day sampling at each. Trev said that [Bendigo Beer] could have jumped in early with the festival format but they needed to sit back and see what everyone else was doing.

They’ve always been passionate about being different. Wanting to create a festival where the people who had supported craft beer’s growth benefited.

Clearly, their concept struck a chord. Enough breweries were willing to gamble on the festival working to fill the venues that jumped on board. Expected audience of 500 to 600 turned into 2,000 once organisers and brewers were factored in.

The attending brewers for this year’s event have yet to be announced but we do know that Coopers has joined in and will be using the festival for the launch of its 2015 Coopers Vintage Ale.



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