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Time is running out for you to choose your favourite beer from the final six for The People’s Pint. Voting closes at midnight tomorrow (Thursday) for the first beer in Australia invented by the people and chosen by the people for the people. Once the winner is known, Ron Feruglio, head brewer at Temple Brewery & Brasserie, will contact them and work out a recipe for a unique beer that will be brewed ready for launch during Good Beer Week.

The winner will be a guest at the launch – along with some international brewing guests who, along with Temple, have some exciting news for the Aussie beer world… The winner will also receive a case of their beer – the only case to be bottled (unless we can persuade Temple to do any for us at Crafty Towers!) with the remainder being sold on tap at Temple then at craft beer bars after the festival.

The top six as selected by Temple and The Crafty Pint were unveiled late last week and you can cast your vote on them here. We also found out a little about the people behind the pints over the weekend. If you missed the post on The People’s Pint website, they hail from Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, North Warrandyte and the Yarra Valley and are:

Daniel O’Grady (top left above)

A sparkie and an avid homebrewer from the Yarra Valley, Daniel says: I love beer and constantly bore people about the topic, I frequently taste new beers every week and spend too much money.

His favourite beer is Gouden Carolus Cuvee of the Emperor or any top notch Quadruple and he came up with Grassy Noel A hoppy, spiced American Brown Ale, big malt flavour up front, christmas plum pudding spices through the middle, finishing on a hit of fruity hops.

Dean Leishman (bottom right)

Dean works as a consultant with one of the great big IT companies and lives on the fringes of Melbourne in North Warrandyte. Outside of work, he’s a dad (to three daughters), a husband (to one wife), a firefighter, homebrewer and fly-fisherman with a keen side interest in all things geeky.”

He can’t pick a favourite beer, so has offered his most memorable¦ Founders Breakfast Stout, Mikellers Beer Geek Breakfast and Arrogant Bastard. Locally, he enjoys beers from Bridge Road and Holgate (Ohh the Temptress) while it’s a toss up between Stone & Wood Pacific Ale, Murray’s Angry Man Brown Ale and The Growler from 2 Brothers for his go-to beer. Or, as he says: Forget it, I couldn’t pick a favorite beer if my life depended on it.

His beer is Burning Red Heart Taking its cue from the colour of our trucks, this beer is designed with a nod to our volunteer fire services. The Burning Red Heart is a supremely quaffable, lightly smoked red ale with a smooth bitterness, finished with Willamette to deliver wood, spice and smoke notes to the drinker.


Thorny Devil wants you to live and learn all about beer, Australia’s best craft beer, the craft beer world: so we give you all the craft beer news = globally; hope the following article helps you understand beer, craft beer (we also want to give you news about great Australian beers, the best craft beer, food and wine festivals and beer events, craft beer awards:-

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