Blind Taste: English Pale Ale

Blind Taste: English Pale Ale

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Blind Taste: English Pale Ale


Given The Crafty Pint was founded by someone born in Burton-upon-Trent, home of the English pale ale and source of the brewing term “Burtonisation”, there’s an undeniable soft spot for ales from that part of the world at Crafty Towers. They may be as trendy as the proverbial sandal-and-socks combo, what with pretty much all British styles having undergone a supercharged American work over in recent times, but there remains much joy to be found in a well made pint of bitter.

For the latest Crafty Pint Blind Tasting, we took a trip back to the mother country and lined up a range of beers that could be loosely bracketed under the English Ales header: bitters / English pale ales; ESBs; and IPAs. Our resident scholar did his bit and gave us the lowdown on them in one of his typically entertaining features we published yesterday. And we did our bit by getting together a collection of brewers and industry experts for the tasting itself, which took place on the brewery floor at Temple.


The Results


1. Wells Bombardier, 5.2% Dan Murphy’s, Burvale
2. Little Creatures Rogers, 3.8%, McCoppins Abbotsford
3. Shepherd Neame Spitfire, 4.2%, Dan’s, Burvale
4. Timothy Taylor’s Landlord, 4.1%, Dan Murphy’s, Alphington – BBF July 2015
5. Timothy Taylor’s Landlord, 4.1%, Carwyn Cellars – BBF December 2015 (0.125 out of 25 points difference between the two Landlords)
6. 4 Pines ESB, 5.5%, McCoppins Fitzroy – Bottled 17/03/2015
7. Lobethal Bierhaus IPA, 5.9%, Carwyn Cellars – Bottled February 2015
8. Gage Roads Sleeping Giant IPA. 5.4%, Dan’s Alphington – BBF 17/11/15
9. Young Henrys Real Ale, 4.0%, From brewery – BBF 27/10/15
10= Eagle Bay Brewing ESB, 5.4%, From brewery – BBF 1/12/16
10= James Squire The Constable, 3.4%, Dan Murphy’s, Alphington – BBF 20/08/15
12. Seven Sheds Kentish Ale, 5.2%, Bought from cellar door – no date



1. Little Creatures Rogers
2. Shepherd Neame Spitfire
3. Timothy Taylor’s Landlord (July 2015)
4. Timothy Taylor’s Landlord (December 2015)
5. Young Henrys Real Ale
6. James Squire Constable
7. Seven Sheds Kentish Ale
8. Burleigh My Wife’s Bitter, 4.8%, Dan Murphy’s, Alphington – BBF 19/08/2015
9. Loch Brewery Best Bitter, 4.3%, Carwyn Cellars – No date



1. Wells Bombardier
2. 4 Pines ESB
3. Eagle Bay Brewing ESB
4. Hargreaves Hill ESB, 5.2%, McCoppins Abbotsford
5. 3 Ravens English, 4.5%, McCoppins Fitzroy – BBF August 2015
6. Holgate Brewhouse ESB, 5.0%, McCoppins Fitzroy – Bottled 17/03/15
7. Van Dieman Brewing Little Hell (2013), 5.9%, From brewery – cellar stock
8. Napoleone Brewery ESB, 5.2%, From brewery – Bottled 27/03/15
9. Van Dieman Brewing Little Hell (2012), 5.9%, From brewery – cellar stock



1. Lobethal Bierhaus IPA
2. Gage Roads
3. Bullant Brewery IPA, 6.8%, Carwyn Cellars – No date
4. 4 Pines English IPA (from Bastard Children pack), 6.0% – BBF 2/3/16
5. Mash Challenger, 5.8%, Dan’s Alphington – BBF August 2015
6. James Squire Stow Away IPA, 5.6%, Dan’s Alphington – BBF 17/11/15


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