Blind tasting, beer tasting, beer awards

Blind tasting, beer tasting, beer awards

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Beer isn’t some high school crush around these parts. It’s more like our soulmate, and there’s no chance it’ll become “the one that got away.” To put it succinctly: beer is our true love. But it’s not just the liquid gold we’re fanatics about; we love everything that beer has the potential to represent.

Strip away the branding, personalities and public image of a brewery. Could you pick their pale ale or stout from a lineup?


Trans-Tasman Taste Competition


Forester’s Hall is offering punters the chance to find out via a blind tasting of 34 different craft beers later this month. Not content with simply putting everyone’s tastebuds to the test. They have upped the ante and turned it into a Trans-Tasman taste competition too. 17 breweries apiece from Australia and New Zealand will put their beer on the line to be judged by the willing public.

Tasters will award each beer a score out of five and the top five brews. Thus, the victorious country – will be announced on the day.

It sounds like one of the most fun ways to spend a few hours. There’s a kernel of seriousness in there too. If you’ve never tasted beers “blind” before, it is, rather eye-opening. You will be judging the beer without any preconceptions as to whether you like it or not but your senses will be encouraged to work overtime. Additionally, with no expectations as to what aromas or flavours await. It’s up to your eyes, palate and olfactory system to decide what you’re drinking. Whether you like it.


Blind Tasting

Blind tasting is something we’ve being doing and promoting for a number of years. We’ve held regular tasting panels at which we’re joined by brewers. Beer reps, writers and awards stewards to judge beers by style. Unlike beer awards for which brewers send in their beers, we try, to buy from retail so we’re assessing what a member of the public is likely to get their hands on. When we publish the results, they’re among the most read articles on the site. And, on the occasions we’ve hosted public blind tastings in Melbourne, Hobart, Sydney and Adelaide, they’ve all been sellouts too.

When holding them – privately or publicly – we like to see what comes out on top, of course, with the highlight always the reveal; there’s almost always a beer or two placed at the opposite end of the ladder from what you’d expect and usually a surprise that makes you rethink your views on a particular beer or brewery.

One of the competing Australian brewers at the Forester’s event, Brett Matthews from Boatrocker, says blind tastings take away any preconceived ideas or loyalty for a brewery, leaving the beer to speak for itself.

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