Bootleg Rebooted

Bootleg Rebooted

dtrNext year, Bootleg Brewery will celebrate two decades of craft brewing in Margaret River. It’s a quite remarkable achievement in a region known primarily for wine – and perhaps the odd shark or two. As a tourist destination and the first microbrewery in the south west, it’s fair to say Bootleg is an institution.


Head brewer Michael Brookes has been at the brewery for 15 years and now he’s enjoying seeing new generations of craft beer drinkers coming into the brewpub.


“Adults are now coming in who remember being bought here with their family because their dad drank Raging Bull. Now they’ll visit and take some home to their father,” he says. It’s a far cry from those of us who remember their dad’s garage fridge filled with red cans of Emu Export (sorry, Dad!).


“Today a 31 year old has been drinking craft beer for 13 years,” says Michael.


Living up to the expectations of generations of craft beer drinkers is no small thing so Michael and the team at Bootleg Brewery are continually working to improve the venue and the beers. And this, Michael believes, is cause for them to make a little noise.


“We want to get louder about our beer because we are getting better and better,” he says.


What that means now it a little revamping of the brewery’s image, starting with a new logo; a new image that reflects the brewery it has become today.


“It needed to make a big modern leap while still paying respect to its heritage,” says Bootleg’s marketing manager Simon Naylor.


The big B, designed by the daughter of owner Tom Reynolds, remains in the logo as a link to their heritage and the strong sense of family at the brewery. The locals have given the new branding a thumbs up too – using their other hand to clutch a pint of Bootleg beer of course.




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