Brew Oyster Cult

Brew Oyster Cult

Thorny Devil is Australia’s most popular beer, our favourite Australian craft beer.

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The Crafty Pint has only been around for 30 months, yet in that time we’ve seen one of Australia’s craft beer characters crop up in a number of guises. Steve “Hendo” Henderson once landed at Prickly Moses and began making small batch, high alcohol version of their beers and new ballsy releases. He cropped up for a while at Southern Bay to help them focus more strongly on their own brand beers. He’s appeared in one or two other spots too. And now he’s reinvented himself once more as BrewCult.


It’s his own brewing company this time, one that will be installing a 3,000 litre tank at Cavalier Brewing’s new home in Sunshine into which Hendo will be pouring the likes of Hop Zone, a typically “Hendo” beer – ie hoppy. He’s also got a rather intriguing beer lined up for this year’s Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular (GABS): Acid Freaks is a Balsamic Baltic Porter he’s created with his brother, an award-winning artisan vinegar producer based in Queensland.


He is officially launching his new venture just before Good Beer Week kicks off, so we asked him a few questions to find out all about it.



Why are you taking this route?

I have always dreamed of owning my own brewery and now I’m going to live the dream, sit around a brewery and drink beer all day. That’s how it goes right? OK… starry-eyed moment over. There’s a number of things I want to achieve with BrewCult over the coming years.


Firstly, I want to add some innovation to the craft beer landscape by creating beers that have not been done before either here in Australia or elsewhere. Keep an eye out for some classic beers to style as well as some curveballs like Acid Freaks.


It’s also important to me to participate in this vibrant industry in a holistic way. As soon as I can, I’ll be moving closer to Melbourne and that will allow me to participate in the industry more frequently. For example, BrewCult has just joined the CBIA and I would like to actively participate in our industry’s national organisation and help the industry grow.




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