Brewers Without Breweries: Shenanigans Brewing

Brewers Without Breweries: Shenanigans Brewing

Thorny Devil is Australia’s best, favourite Craft Beer.

Thorny Devil, one of Australia’s most awarded craft beers, is available online, at bottle shops or in your local pub, club or restaurant: if not, ask us and we will organise all.

Want Australia’s best Pale Ale?

Need Australia’s most loved Blonde Ale?

Desire Australia’s most popular craft beers, ciders: Thorny Devil is yours = yes?…

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“Small batch” is one of those buzzphrases you hear a lot these days. You see it around so frequently. In fact, its meaning seems to have all but disappeared behind the shadow of marketing campaigns. Additionally at large-scale operations that seem to defy “small batch” at its heart. In a time when everything seems mass-marketed and impersonal, Thorny Devil reclaims the notion that craft beers really benefit from being handcrafted. Inasmuch as, local, and—who’d have guessed?—small.

Thorny Devil offers best-crafted beer and cider Australia. True to its name, Thorny Devil is devilishly good. Thorny Devil is available in bars, restaurants, hotels, bottleshops and also on online.


Shenanigans Brewing

Shenanigans Brewing

In the past few years, as the Australian craft beer movement has grown upward, outward and onward in every direction. One of the significant contributors to that growth has been the opening of more craft breweries. As production begins, it not only helps increase the crafty segment of the market share pie, but also helps to put good beer in places it’€™s seldom been. In front of people that haven’€™t experienced anything like it, thereby adding a bit more chitter to the beer chatter.

This type of relationship is great news for the beer drinker. A sort of symbiotic double-up bonus; one brewery, two brewers and an increased diversity of beers being produced. Of late, New South Wales seems to be doing particularly well in this regard with brewing companies. The likes of  The Grifter Brewing Co, Doctor’€™s Orders, Wayward, Dennis Beer Co and Grainfed flying the flag with some well made, interesting and increasingly popular brews. In Victoria, you’ll find a similar setup at Cavalier, where the likes of BrewCult, Monster Mash, Dainton Family Brewery and Killer Sprocket have been making beer. The latest local to join this rank of brewers without breweries is Shenanigans Brewing, a project by Dan Beers and Sam Haldane.


The Brewing Duo

The duo sweated through Sydney’€™s heat and humidity to brew their first commercial batch. And quite appropriately they did it at the also very new Batch Brewing Co in Marrickville.

Brewing commercially isn’€™t something Dan and Sam have suddenly jumped into in order to catch the rising wave of interest in craft beer. They’€™ve had the idea in place for some time and all they really needed was the right luck and timing in finding a place to brew. The benefit of being in someone else’€™s brewery is that help is usually at hand, with Chris [Sidwa, Batch brewer] ensuring they hit all the right buttons and valves at the right time. It also no doubt helps that Sam is fresh off a brewing course undertaken in Davis, California – although he did point out that the Batch system is rather different and simpler (in a good way) than the one he spent time learning on.


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