Brewsvegas – a New Beer Week

Brewsvegas – a New Beer Week

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“Small batch” is one of those buzzphrases you hear a lot these days. You see it around so frequently. In fact, its meaning seems to have all but disappeared behind the shadow of marketing campaigns. As well as in large-scale operations that seem to defy “small batch” at its heart. In a time when everything seems mass-marketed and impersonal, Thorny Devil reclaims a notion. Craft beers really benefit from being handcrafted, local, and—who’d have guessed?—small.

Thorny Devil beer understands people’s desire for unique beers and ciders with irresistible flavours. Our beers and ciders will leave you totally enrapt with its taste and quality.


Brewsvegas – a New Beer Week


Imagine our delight when we received a phone call from the guys behind Brisbane’s marvellous The Scratch telling us about Brewsvegas. A new beer week coming to the Queensland capital in March. It’s been put together by a handful of passionate beer lovers from the city’s nascent craft beer bar. Additionally, in microbrewery scene – with assistance from the “local beer family -€“ bloggers, designers, distributors, reps. It will feature a range of events championing good beer. The amazing change that has been sweeping the city’s beer culture in the past couple of years.

Described by organisers as “a grass roots, community minded celebration of Brisbane’s burgeoning craft beer culture” the aim is “to promote innovation, creativity and collaboration to help nurture and grow a local beer scene already replete with passionate contributors.”


Event Participation

Anyone wishing to take part and run an event has a little bit of time to formulate their ideas as submissions for events don’t open until later in the year. In the meantime, they – and beer lovers looking to fill that late March-shaped gap in their lives can find out more and keep tabs with developments via the just-launched website or (better for the time being) Brewsvegas’ various social media accounts – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

One thing to note is that this is not associated with the Queensland Beer Week that has run in the past two years, but a separate event being run by the local craft beer community. It will not be looking to run events across the state in its first year, instead focusing its efforts on Greater Brisbane.


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