Brookvale Union’s Ginger Beer

Brookvale Union’s Ginger Beer

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Brookvale Union’s Ginger Beer

Ginger Beer


A Sydney brewery has been taken by surprise by international “upset” inadvertently caused by one of its labels. The label for 4 Pines offshoot Brookvale Union’s Ginger Beer which was only released in recent weeks. It has drawn a rebuke from a US based Hindu statesman. Saying its a “highly inappropriate” juxtaposition of images of the deities Ganesh and Lakshmi. Rajan Zed’s statement has been picked up by media in India as well as Australia. Leading its producers to take a fresh look at its packaging.

4 Pines said the aim of the Ginger Beer was “to create a great tasting drink. Indeed, Representing the flair, feel and colours from the Asian continent. Featuring a host of other images associated with Hindu mythology on its packaging. By all means, A primary source for ginger, it was not intended to cause any offence.


Bottle Packaging Issue

It was totally unexpected when the reaction was brought to their attention. Given that, the Brookvale Union project carries the tagline “Quality Nonsense”. Moreover, had a website featuring popup images of a Will Ferrell character and Patrick Swayze; at the Australian Hotel Beer Festival. The brand’s stand was kept under cover all weekend and staffed by Batman. Additionally, by Elvis and Where’s Wally, among other characters. Thus, suggesting that fun, not malice, was the intention.

The team behind Brookvale Union said that those who have made complaints have the ears of the team heading this up and who developed it. Surprisingly, as it turns out the centrepiece of the label is very Ganesh in its look. With this in mind, they have now been alerted to this and what Ganesh represents. They added that “with over 4,200 religions in the world. To point it out, it is an impossibility for them to be cognisant of every single inference. Moreover, by reference and innuendo. They may have unintentionally made during a design process like this.



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