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Buy Beer and Cider Online: Award-winning Beers at Its Lowest Price

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THE Old Town Beer and Cider Festival will return for its fifth round next week – and organisers are brewing up an even bigger and better festival than ever before.

Well it’s that time of year again and the 5th Old Town Beer and Cider festival is taking place on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th May in the church at Christ Church.

Organiser Chris Smith said: “This is the first time that we have introduced an extra day and expect to nearly double the amount of attendees to 1200 this year. We have therefore increased our beer selection to nearly 60 and will have 30 different ciders.

“There will be three different ticket options available this year, Friday from 6-10pm, Saturday from 12noon onwards and then a Saturday evening from 6pm onwards.

“The Friday evening session will give festival goers the chance to get in a day earlier than normal to sample the fine selection of ales and ciders.

“Ian and Ant from Three Castles brewery, based in Pewsey have again been a great help and have sourced all of the beers and ciders for us yet again.

“This year we have been lucky to acquire sponsorship from a number of local businesses and the main event is sponsored jointly for the second year running by the Hop Inn and Los Gatos.”

Phil (Los Gatos) and Jason (The Hop) said “We support the Old Town Beer Festival to promote local appreciation of the good stuff. What we share is a love of a quality natural product, be it food or drink. If it’s made with care from good ingredients, it’s for us, and we hope it’s for you too. Our investment in the local community is as important to us as the community’s support for our businesses. We wish the Festival every success and remember – we are here all year round!
We have again had a beer made especially for the festival by Three Castles brewery which has been named “Lupulo Gold”. Lupolo means Hops in Spanish which is named very cleverly after our joint sponsors Los Gatos the Spanish Tapas and the Hop Inn pub.

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