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Buy Beer and Cider Online: Taste of Dorset Awards: searching for best cider and beer in Dorset

Independent supermarket Dike & Son directors Andy Dike and Adam Vincent are looking forward once again to taking part in the judging process for the Taste of Dorset Awards Best Cider Producer category.

The family run shop in Stalbridge has picked up many national awards for its outstanding drinks department over the past few years, and the store’s range of ciders is possibly the biggest in the UK.

“But there’s always room for one more!” Andy says, adding: “Being part of the Taste of Dorset Awards keeps us in touch with all of the great food and drink that is being made in Dorset – we are very pleased to be able to offer our customers produce from over 150 local growers, makers and bakers, and these awards serve to recognise their hard work and passion.”

How to enter

Entries can be any of the following, entered individually: clear, cloudy, sparkling, still, dry or semi-sweet.

Entries must be made from apples grown in Dorset orchards that are free from artificial pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or fertilisers.

All entries must be bottled in Dorset, and three bottles or three pints as a minimum should be submitted for the judges’ consideration.

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