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Buy Beer and Cider Online: Local flavour for town’s first craft beer and cider festival Cheers Caledon

The Town of Caledon hosted its first Craft Beer and Cider Festival on Friday, June 16, at the Caledon Town Hall Campus.

Cheers Caledon took place not only to highlight some of Caledon’s local brewers, but to also kick off festivities for Caledon Day’s 10th anniversary. According to event organizers, almost 1,200 people attended the event.

Caledon Mayor Allan Thompson poured the first glass of cider to commence the festival.

“Caledon is an emerging sector for craft beer and craft cider in Ontario, and it’s just another reason why people want to visit Caledon,” said Thompson.

Caledon Hills Co., GoodLot Farmstead, Pommies Cider Co., and Spirit Tree Cider were all local breweries featured at the event. Various food trucks and live music were also enjoyed.

The festival was not limited to local craft brewers, as breweries from across Ontario participated in the event. Ironwood brewery based in Niagara and StoneHammer brewery based in Guelph both served their beers at the event.

“Craft beer is better than commercial beer, in ways that local craft beer doesn’t have chemicals and preservatives. It makes a big difference,” said Stefan Riedelsheimer, owner of Caledon Hills Brew Co.

Riedelsheimer said events like Cheers Caledon give a voice to smaller breweries. Local craft beer and cider startups do not always have a large budget, and may otherwise be ignored due to commercial beer companies dominating the industry.

Admission for the event was $20 if purchased online, and $25 at the door and included a souvenir Cheers Caledon beer glass. People then purchased tickets to fill their glass with their choice of craft beer or cider at the event.

Grassroots breweries seem to be growing in popularity among Caledonians. GoodLot Farmstead Brewing Co. is an example of a local Caledon startup in the brewing industry.

“A certain amount of pride comes with brewing your own beer and serving it to your community,” said Gail Winters, head hop farmer at GoodLot Farmstead, Caledon’s first on-farm brewery, which uses its organically grown hops in the brewing process.

“Cheers Caledon is a great way to see the beer and cider community interact with each other in ways we wouldn’t otherwise be able to do,” she added.

The town is optimistic about making Cheers Caledon an annual event.

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