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Hail the world’s top beer and ale in Shrewsbury beer cafe

“It’s a very old German style that practically became extinct in the 80s. Modern craft brewers such as Cloudwater have resurrected it and their Lapsang Lichtenhainer, infused with Mongolian campfire teas, is a great example.”

Lichtenhainer, by the way, is a specialist smoky sour beer which originates from a little-known village in Saxony. But when it comes to having an encyclopaedic knowledge about exotic and obscure styles of beer, the 34-year-old is truly in a league of his own. Last year he became only the 99th accredited beer sommelier in the world, and this is not a title given out lightly.

During a rigorous two-hour assessment at the Institute of Brewing and Distilling in London, his knowledge about Lichtenhainer, Grodziskie and pretty much every style of beer was rigorously put to the test. He was questioned about his knowledge of food pairings, hop varieties and beer history, and had to correctly identify and describe 15 beer styles in a blind tasting.


“They threw in a couple to catch me out but if you apply the process of elimination there could only be one answer.”

His knowledge of all things beer has put him in high demand. Last year he launched Shrewsbury Beer Club, which holds monthly beer tastings in the town, and he has been asked to look after special guests at the Campaign for Real Ale’s Great British Beer Festival at London’s Olympia in August.

“It’s a real honour. GBBF is one of the biggest beer festivals in Europe, probably second only to Oktoberfest in Munich,” he says.

“It’s a new initiative they’re trialling as part of their re-branding. They’ve asked sommeliers to look after the corporate guests, answer any questions, talk them through the beers and suggest pairings with their food.”


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