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A CROWDFUNDING campaign could be the only thing that stops a popular Peel Region-made beer from vanishing.

Thorny Devil Brewing Company director Peter McAppion, creator of Thorny Devil Beer and Cider, needs a new beer brewing tank and beerline.

Peter was depending on the bank saying yes to an amount of money they had previously approved.

He had already put a massive deposit on a new beer tank. Funding from the bank would have paid for the rest and for installation and commissioning.

But things changed. When the bank said ‘no’, Peter thought fans would say ‘yes’.

At least that was the theory behind the crowdfunding campaign Peter created.

So far it’s been a success and the fans are saying ‘yes’.

Within 72 hours of launching the crowdfunding campaign, fans had pledged 19 per cent of Peter’s target amount of $25,000.

If Thorny Devil reaches its target, people who donated $75 or more will get life membership and 15 per cent off their beer, forever.

Lower pledges will receive T-shirts, hats and cartons of beer delivered to the front door.

“The fans are getting something and it is a proven product,” Peter said.

It’s been hard yards to get Thorny Devil to market and Peter is not ready to give up on his dream.

“It took five years of negotiating and pursuing, but if it’s your passion, you’ll do it,” he said.

Peter has a variety of university degrees and even worked as a lawyer.

He said he still works hard.

“If it’s your passion you just do it,” he said.

“Find out what you’re passionate about, if you know and you’re persistent, you can do it.”

Beer doesn’t get more local to Mandurah than Thorny Devil either.

It’s made from rainwater collected at Cape Bouvard.

Consumers are literally drinking the Peel.

To help the good times continue, visit Pozible.


Lake Clifton craft beer brewer creates a devil of a campaign