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Australia is to get its first ever dedicated sour beer brewery, after two of WA’s top brewers finalised plans to move into a joint facility. The decision of Nail and Feral to form Brewcorp and share a new 50 hectolitre brewery in Bayswater means Feral’s existing brewery in the Swan Valley will eventually be used to produce nothing but sour and wild ales and other funky Belgian styles. The remainder of Feral’s range will be switched over the course of the year to the shared facility, which will also allow Nail to ramp up its output significantly and supply its award-winning Ale and Stout to a wider audience.

“The vast majority of beers – 80 per cent – produced [at the existing Feral site] will be for our sour beer program,” says Brendan Varis, of Feral. “We need to be brewing beers now to sell in 18 months or two years time. It’s a different mentality for a brewer to make beers that take that long, rather than thinking three weeks ahead. It’s a pretty significant capital investment as we’ll have a dedicated filler for our sour bottles and dedicated tanks [to prevent contamination of other beers with the wild bacteria]. And if sour beer doesn’t catch on then I’m a pretty thirsty fella!”

He already has 60 barrels onsite that he has used to create sour beers such as the Dark Funk and Funky Junky as well as barrel-aged brews such as the King Brown cognac barrel-aged Imperial Brown. The aim is to move bottling and storage to Brewcorp and extend the barrel room.

His sour obsession can be traced to a bottle of Liefman Goudenband and has since led him to visit sour ale experts Russian River in the States several times, including attending one of the brewery’s Sour Beer Symposiums.

“The biggest attraction for me in a climate like we have got now is the refreshing character of the acidity,” he says. “Bitterness is good for refreshment but acidity is king.”

On its way is what he claims is his most ambitious sour beer yet: the Swanambic, which should be debuted at one of the Liquid Lounge events being hosted by The Crafty Pint at the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival…


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