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Cheapest craft beer online: want?

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Most people are familiar with a sommelier and what this person does for wine. Basically, they are experts in wine and understand all aspects, especially taste. In the beer industry, there is a similar type of person. They are called Cicerones.

There are 3 levels of Cicerone. They are:

  1. Certified Beer Server
  2. Certified Cicerone
  3. Master Cicerone

You can check out the specifics of each at the Cicerone website.

Basically, many people call themselves experts on beer, but this program helps to let everyone else know what level of “expert” a person really is. The first level is fairly easy, actually, and the top level is pretty much meant for someone who has devoted his or her life to beer and the study of it.

Today I am starting a program that will help you, the reader, to learn what is on the first level of Cicerone, the Certified Beer Server. These posts can be used as a study guide for anyone wanting to take the test, or just for anyone that wants to learn how to properly serve beer. The skills we will talk about are what make a great beer bartender.

This is not meant to be a replacement for Cicerone, as this is a name known for a superior level of knowledge, but rather think of this as a primer for it. Follow along and learn what it means to serve great beer.

If you plan on making a career in beer, be it serving, brewing, or selling, the Cicerone program is worth the money, with some businesses paying a higher salary for those with the certification. Learn more here then go take the test from them.


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