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Today I’m reviewing a seasonal beer that is near the end of it’s season. I will try to not do this too often, but I just got my hands on this recently and liked it so much I wanted to get it out there before it was too late. The beer we’re looking at today is Magic Hat’s HI.P.A.

This beer is part of their IPA On Tour series in which they are releasing 4 IPAs throughout the year on a limited basis. I am a big fan of Magic Hat and think they have solid beers. Here’s what I thought of this one.


  • Brewery – Magic Hat
  • Beer Name – HI.P.A.
  • ABV – 6,7% ABV
  • Style – American IPA
  • Serving Type – Bottle
  • Beer Advocate Rating – 85 (Good)
  • Brewery Location – South Burlington, VT
  • Availability – Fall 2012
  • Color – Hazy, Golden Yellow
  • Head/Retention – Average head retention, good lacing on glass. Initial head is creamy and solid.
  • Aroma – Very strong hop aroma, almost soapy but very citrus-filled. Very pleasant.
  • Taste – Good overall hop taste, with a noticeable alcohol middle and dry finish.
  • Finish – Finishes with a nice light hop taste. Lasting, pleasant finish.


Overall, I really like this beer. It smells like a hop bomb, but the taste is clean and very much in line with what an American IPA should be. It is a very drinkable beer, and has just enough alcohol to give a little kick. All in all, a great beer I highly recommend.

Craft Beer Academy Score

Craft Beer Academy Score (out of 10) = 8

I give this an 8 out of 10. I think it is exactly in line with the style, and has the proper amount of alcohol to keep it slightly above a session beer, but not up with the 8+%ers. It has a nice haze to the color and laces a glass nicely.

Dry-hopping gives this beer a great hop character, and helps to support the hop additions done throughout the brew. The malt backbone is noticeable without making the beer too sweet. I consider this beer to be highly recommended.


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