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Craft Beer, beer online, cheap beer online, cheap craft beer

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MALENY’S first boutique brewery – Brouhaha – will open its doors on Saturday.

Up to nine locally produced craft beers will be available on tap as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner made fresh from locally sourced produce.

Director and head brewer Matt Jancauskas has worked with local builder Sam Johnson on building the brewery from the ground up.

“It’s a really exciting time and we can’t wait for the weekend when we can finally officially open the doors and let the general public enjoy the unique flavours of our beers as well as the sensational food on offer,” he said.

Matt grew up in Yeppoon and studied electrical engineering before spending two and a half years learning about the craft beer industry at London’s Beavertown Brewery which is owned by Logan Plant, the son of legendary Led Zeppelin lead singer Robert Plant.

“I spent two and a half years at Beavertown Brewery where I worked my way up to become the production manager, it was a great experience but when the time came to return home to Australia, I was certain that I would need to move to a capital city to progress my career in the craft beer industry.

“I actually thought someone was trying to trick me when I saw the job with Brouhaha Brewery in Maleny on SEEK, the opportunity create an original Brew Pub from the ground up in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland is a dream come true. It’s been a whirlwind to get everything completed and up and running on time but I am sure people will be delighted with what we have created,” he said.

The Brouhaha Brewery will offer nine boutique beers on tap including a Blonde, Pale Ale, Milk Stout and raspberry and passionfruit infused beers whose fruit is sourced from local producers.

“Our goal is to support our local producers as much as possible, we have access to an amazing selection of clean and fresh produce right on our doorstep and we want to support locals, not just with the production of our beers but also with what we serve in the kitchen.

“Our coffee is also sourced from Clandestino Roasters in Noosa and we currently employ 23 staff, the vast majority live in the Hinterland too so it’s great to be able to provide employment opportunities for locals,” he said.

Matt said the craft beer industry in Australia was growing by the day and currently captured around 4 per cent of the national beer market.

“There’s no doubt that the industry will continue to grow here in Australia, we tend to follow the US with regards to food and beverage trends, however we do have a way to go as their craft beer consumption is up to about 15 per cent and growing.

“There’s also a small but thriving craft beer scene here on the Sunshine Coast with a number of independent producers, my aim is work collaboratively with them to support the industry and ensure it is sustainable over the long term.

“Diners are now looking for unique experiences, they want to try interesting flavours and there’s a growing desire to know exactly where produce comes from. It’s definitely quality over quantity and craft beer served in an authentic Brew Pub certainly resonates with these consumers,” Matt said.

Brouhaha Brewery is located at 6/39 Coral Street Maleny and officially opens this Saturday June 18 from 10.00am, entry is free and attendees can enjoy the full range of craft beers as well as lunch and dinner.


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