Craft beer hotels, Melbourne hotels, Sydney beer bars, Brisbane craft beer bars, Perth craft beer hotels

Craft beer hotels, Melbourne hotels, Sydney beer bars, Brisbane craft beer bars, Perth craft beer hotels

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There are, no doubt, plenty of Crafty Pint readers who would give anything to enjoy a honeymoon like Grant Byrne’s. Not only did it last 18 months and involve a campervan and a serious road trip around Australia, but it was a road trip that took in visits to a huge number of Australia’s microbreweries. Grant even managed to fit in a few months’ work at Bush Shack in Margaret River along the way. As well as having a blast (and still having a wife after a year and a half touring breweries), there was purpose to the trip as Grant was keen to open his own brewery. And this year is the year it’s going to happen.

Three months ago he opened the Odyssey Tavern between Geelong and Torquay in a venue that had previously been a less-than-successful bar, an ice cream factory and an Italian restaurant before laying empty for a period. Despite this history and, in his own words, somewhat unusual surrounding walls that lend it an air of the Titty Twister bar from Dusk Til Dawn, in a short space of time he’s started packing the venue with punters drawn by eight rotating taps of craft beer and a fridge lined with another 60, mostly sourced from Victorian breweries.


“I’ve wanted to open a brewpub since I was 16,” he says, the pride of finally getting close to achieving that goal overriding the exhaustion that comes from opening a new venue and welcoming a second child into the world at the same time. “I’ve always been keen to try beers that are a little bit different and had seen how the craft beer movement was developing, with Mountain Goat starting to get a presence over here.

“When we were in WA, I could see how well it was working among the Margaret River wineries so when I came back I wanted to open a craft brewery, but not one that only poured my own beers – I wanted everyone else’s on as well.”

The latter part of that has been achieved and with some style. Among the beers on tap when we called in were the approachable, such as Two Birds Golden Ale, and the out there, such as Doctor’s Orders Plasma White IPA. More than 40 different beers were tapped in the first 10 weeks. The result has been everything Grant could have wanted: groups have popped in, expressed dismay there’s no Carlton Draught, been tempted to try a a couple of free samples and ended the night trying their first Imperial Stout. In one case, a group came back the following weekend with some other mates and worked their way through the taps; a week later, with yet more mates, they returned to do the same again.

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