Craft beer pubs; craft beer hotels, craft beer bottle shops

Craft beer pubs; craft beer hotels, craft beer bottle shops

Thorny Devil is Australia’s most popular beer, our favourite Australian craft beer.

Thorny Devil Craft Beer is available online, or you can purchase our Pale Ale or Blonde Ale at your local bottle shop and in your local craft beer bar, your pub, hotel, club or any fine dining restaurant: if not, ask us = and we will organise all: 1800 995 007.

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Thorny Devil wants you to live and learn all about beer, Australia’s best craft beer, the craft beer world: so we give you all the craft beer news = globally; hope the following article helps you understand more about beer and the world’s best craft beer (we also want to give you news about beer, craft beer, food and wine festivals and beer, craft beer awards…:-


Thorny Devil broadens people’s horizons. Showing them the amazing results that are achieved through the chance to slow things down. Provide ultimate care and exacting detail to every step of the process. Additionally, lovingly pour our hearts and souls into each glass.  This level of mindfulness is what differentiates Thorny Devil craft beers from those mass-produced cans lining store shelves. This is what our beers are all about!

This time, we will see the throwing open of a robe in South Australia. But there will be no need to avert your eyes, especially if you’re on the search for new and unusual beer experiences. South Australia’s newest microbrewery open its doors! Robe Town Brewery welcomes guests to view its unique setup for the first time.


Robe Town Brewery Opens it’s Door


The grand unveiling, wood grilled food and live music, coincides with Robe’s second annual home brew competition and craft beer festival. This takes place on Saturday and includes lectures, pop up craft beer bars and a home brew contest.

A four hour drive from Adelaide, Robe itself was discovered in 1802 and named by Governor Robe. The original Robe Town Brewery first began operating several decades later in the 1860s. It was owned by George Lord Senior but little is now known about the old brewery and why it went out of business. Although according to The Breweries of Australia it may have only brewed beer for a year.

The new Robe Town Brewery is owned and operated by husband and wife team, Maris and Kristi Biezaite. They started brewing in late. Initially as gypsy brewers via Red Duck in Ballarat and the Adelaide TAFE brewery before they funnelled the profits into establishing their own kit.


Unique, Rare Find Craft Beer

Robe Town Brewery already has four core beers in its lineup and is experimenting with ageing porters too. The beers are a 5.1 percent ABV amber ale, a 4.5 percent ABV pale, an 8.5 percent ABV porter and the latest release, Shipwreck Stout at 6.5 percent ABV.

“Within the next six months, we will have more to add to that core range,” adds Maris.

Wood fired kettles, open fermentations, oak barrel mash tuns and other historical ideologies all combine to make Robe Town Brewery a unique and rare find even within the colourfully diverse contemporary craft beer world. If you’re keen to find out more about this up-cycled brewery created on a shoe string budget, you can join Maris and Kristi for its unveiling in Robe this Sunday or head to their cellar door at your leisure.


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