Craft Beer Styles: Stout

Craft Beer Styles: Stout

Thorny Devil is Australia’s best, favourite Craft Beer

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Beer Styles from Thorny Devil

Thorny Devil celebrates International Stout Day. Thorny Devil’s Dark Ale is more than stout or porter beer. It is assertively balanced with a smooth, sweet-malt backbone and notes of biscuity caramel flavour.

Thorny Devil creates new flavours, learn about different techniques, and, most of all, share it with people and spread the word about just how exceptional craft brews can be. We get to explore and connect and learn, uniting those who value meticulously curated brews—and know the difference between marketing fluff and something truly handcrafted—with our simple, homespun blends.

History of Stouts

Stouts are made using roasted malt or barley along with the traditional ingredients used in beer, like water and hops. The word stout was originally an adjective for words like brave or proud, but after the 14th century, stout came to mean strong. This is where the link to beer first comes in to play. The word stout started off being a generic term for strong porters, meaning they were stout porters. This was more of an adjective than a style at this point. This means there were Stout Lagers and Stout Pale Ales during this early time. Today, the term stout is used in conjunction with Porters. Porters were named for the group of people that consumed them the most. Dock workers, or Porters. These porters drank this new darker beer to “invigorate” them for their hard work.

Stouts are dark, generally bitter beers that have higher than average ABV. They are known for their roasted malt, as well as their creamy, solid heads. This style lends itself perfectly to the winter months, and this is when many yearly releases come to the market.

Most people think of Guinness when they think of stouts, but there is a lot more to this style. Dark fruits, chocolate, coffee, and even vanilla make great additions to the basic stout style. Check out the pages below to explore each sub-category of the stout.

Stout Beers

All unique types of stouts trace their heritage back to the strong Porter beers from the 1700’s. Just like with any beer we talk about, the history behind each is always impressive. Each beer is really a look into the past, each with it’s own modern twist.

Final words

This post is being written on International Stout Day, but it applies to the other 364 days of the year as well. Go enjoy a stout, and think about where it came from.

Dark Ale from Thorny Devil does not have the tag stout attached to it. But its taste and flavour make it appropriate to classified as stout beer with a unique and distinct taste that will make you yearn for more!


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