Craft Beers, craft beer pubs, craft beer bottle shops

Craft Beers, craft beer pubs, craft beer bottle shops

Thorny Devil is Australia’s most popular beer, our favourite Australian craft beer.

Thorny Devil Craft Beer is available online, or you can purchase our Pale Ale or Blonde Ale at your local bottle shop and in your local craft beer bar, your pub, hotel, club or any fine dining restaurant: if not, ask us = and we will organise all: 1800 995 007.

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Thorny Devil wants you to live and learn all about beer, Australia’s best craft beer, the craft beer world: so we give you all the craft beer news = globally; hope the following article helps you understand more about beer and the world’s best craft beer (we also want to give you news about beer, craft beer, food and wine festivals and beer, craft beer awards…:-


Chat to the brewers knocking out the country’s craft beers about their inspirations and you’ll find trips to the US, UK and Europe feature highly. Thorny Devil truly believes beer is about experimenting, exploring and having fun. We strive to provide irresistible flavours of crafted beer. Thorny Devil brews beers and ciders that ignite drinker’s taste buds. Thorny Devil is available at local events and festivals.

Let’s take a moment to say thanks for international travel shall we? Sure, national carrier Qantas looks to be going the way of the dodo and our government has a less than favourable take on those who prefer to do it on flimsy wooden boats, but where would our beer scene be without it, hey? That was certainly the case with Dave and Karen Golding, who returned from the UK and set about leaving their old lives behind to Red Hill on the Mornington Peninsula in the middle of the last decade. And, having spent a few weeks touring the breweries and bars of Belgium and Britain prior to Good Beer Week, they’ve returned with fresh inspiration.


The first fruit of this is the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee British IPA currently pouring in real ale form from casks at the brewery and due to hit shelves in limited release 500ml bottles soon. Based on the classic Worthington’s White Shield, it’s hopped to the hilt with old school Goldings and Willamette hops (think subtly earthy, floral and spicy and not in any way tropical, piney or punchy) and a surefire way to take anyone who’s supped in an English boozer back there (in their minds, at least, no matter how realistic the teleporter scene in Spaceballs might have seemed). With much of the beer making its way into casks to be further dry-hopped in readiness for pouring through the brewery’s hand pump, it’s as British an experience as the current weather engulfing Australia.

“We were definitely inspired by some of the beers we drank over there,” says Karen. “Worthington’s White Shield – my God it’s good! Harvey’s Best Sussex Bitter too. [The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Ale] is a testament to our philosophy of brewing that we put on the label of the beer – to brew the best of European styles that are eminently sessionable.”

Anyone who’s familiar with their range would find little to argue with in that statement. And with talk of a mild to come at some point soon, sessionability appears to be high on the agenda – although not the only goal. This year’s release of their highly regarded Imperial Stout is out now and sits firmly in the “sip and savour” category of beers, while looking ahead to their annual Secret Stash weekend, there’s a lineup that warrants careful appreciation over quaffing. As ever, it features a range of their seasonals, including some pulled from the cellar and others given a unique twist.

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