Best Craft Brewers in Australia

Best Craft Brewers in Australia

Top 10 Best Craft Brewers In Australia

Thorny Devil wants you to live and learn all about the Australia’s best craft beer and craft brewers. You have to hand it to Australian craft beer makers. Given the choice of following their North American peers into over-the-top renovated warehouses with 42 beers on tap and young bearded men telling you to taste the gooseberry tailwind, Aussie craft brewers are keeping their products real, accessible and a lot of fun.

It’s due not only to the tasty craft beers coming out of these small breweries, but the experience of visiting the place, talking to the brewers and tasting their products. Many of these places now offer brewery tours, live music, food and a line-up of exotic beers including ingredients that range from oysters to coffee.

A craft beer should ideally come from an independent brewery, but many of Australasia’s craft beers – including Little Creatures, Panhead, James Squire and Mountain Goat – are now owned by multinational brewers. They’re on to something, because as the overall beer market slows (to its lowest ebb in 65 years, according to Deloitte) craft beer sales are flourishing.

The Craft Beer Industry Association of Australia allows members to sell up to 40 million litres a year and still call themselves “craft”, but the most popular membership is its category of “Nano and Pub” brewer that sells up to 50,000 litres a year. The association doesn’t worry too much about ownership – its concern is the brewing must not be mass production.

As craft beers become big business, many venues are now “tap houses” and craft beer pubs. This usually means they sell high-priced craft beers from around the world in a fully-themed pub fitout, with motorbikes hanging from the ceiling and vintage posters on the toilet walls.


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