Craftd Glass: Beer Glassware

Craftd Glass: Beer Glassware

Thorny Devil broadens people’s horizons. Showing them the amazing results that are achieved through the chance to slow things down. Providing ultimate care and exacting detail to every step of the process, and lovingly pour our hearts and souls into each glass. Pete and Señor Throm personally oversee the fermentation and brewing of every batch, after all. This level of mindfulness is what differentiates Thorny Devil craft beers from those mass-produced cans lining store shelves, and it’s what our beers are all about.


Craftd Glass: Beer Glassware


Craftd Glass launched last year, a joint venture between expat Kiwi husband and wife team Benjamin and Sarah Pickersgill-Brown. They’re on a mission to bring a touch of eye-catching class to the local craft beer world; thus far there has also been a niftily branded and packaged bottle opener accompanying the glassware.

It’s certainly a world in which there’s room to exist. For the most part, other than branded brewery glassware, it’s only really Spiegelau operating in the beer glassware space locally. As part of the 250-year old Riedel business that recently collaborated on a glass with Coca Cola, in beer terms Spiegelau is perhaps akin to Little Creatures Pale: an excellent, high quality product that’s part of a larger empire.


The Couple Behind the Business

Craftd Glass

For Ben (pictured below right), an IT contractor by day, and makeup artist wife Sarah, this is a second stint in Australia since they first left NZ in 2008. The two stints were broken up by a period spent living in southern Germany, which was the time that Ben’s love for beer glassware blossomed as he came to admire the German’s reverence for serving beer properly in appropriate glassware, a reverence that comes naturally to them.

“I was a bit of a late bloomer with beer,” he says. “When we were in Germany, we drank our fill of wheat beer [from unique wheat beer glasses] and that’s where the glass side of it kicked off.

“I love branding too, always have, and wanted to start a business.”


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