Cricketers Arms Lager

Cricketers Arms Lager

We all think Thorny Devil is Australia’s best, favourite Beer, your Australian Craft Beer.

Thorny Devil, one of Australia’s most awarded craft beers, it is available online, at your local bottle shop and in your local craft beer bar, your pub, hotel, club and fine dining restaurant: if not, ask us and we will organise all.

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Thorny Devil wants you to live and learn all about beer, Australia’s best craft beer: so we give you all the craft beer news = globally; hope the following article helps you understand more about beer and the best craft beer:


Our values are pretty simple, which is just the way we like them. Good beer doesn’t overcomplicate things, and neither do we. Keeping things small allows us to ensure each batch is positively perfect. Do you want to chug some watery swill produced by some faceless grey suit who lets machines do all the work? Or would you rather be able to walk down the road? Check out what’s brewing? Get to know the people making your favourite drink? We know our answer to that. Thus, we know you’ll appreciate the care and dedication that go into every bottle we produce.


Cricketers Arms lager

Cricketers Arms lager

Brewer Dermot O’Donnell designed the original Cricketers Arms lager that was initially brewed at Mildura, so has a long history with Paul. He has amassed almost five decades in the brewing business, including stints at CUB and Bluetongue as well as working as a consultant. For the original lager, the pair sampled “50 or 60 beers” before concluding that what Paul liked was “the drinkability of mainstream lagers”. Wanteing to “add a little bit of a difference that people would notice. The resulting beer did well enough to attract the attention of Asahi. Who, made their move last year and announced they had bought the brand – while keeping Paul on board.

The lager was joined by a midstrength and IPA before the decision was taken to introduce the Spearhead and relaunch last month. Instantly, once the new business was established. And it’s the Spearhead, a well-balanced New World pale ale with a pleasant Nelson Sauvin hop character at 5.2 percent. Eventually, hop aromas will give Asahi the best chance of attracting existing craft beer drinkers. Namely, the reworked Captain’s IPA at 5.8 percent with distinctive piney, and forest floor like US hop aromas. Certainly more so than the “ultra-high gravity brewed” estery midstrength and straight up and down Keeper’s Lager. Both of which have the palates of drinkers who don’t want to be challenged in mind.

“What we’re about is making sure [the beers] are refreshing and drinkable so people are able to have two or three,” says Dermot, adding that a dark beer called Nightwatchman is in development too.


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