Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding Campaign

Winners – ‘Free case of beer’

For every 10 pledgers on Pozible we are going to give away one ‘Free case of beer’ = do you want a Pale or a Blonde???

9th   Dec – Roslyn Taylor, Jacqui H & Kate Kennedy

8th   Dec – Jen Hasenauer  (Total participants – 14)

7th   Dec – David Olsen  (Total participants – 19)

6th   Dec – Dean Irving   (Total participants – 4)

5th   Dec – Josh Soutar   (Total participants – 8)

4th   Dec – John Clark     (Total participants – 0, Selected from overall supporters)

3rd   Dec – Nick Dunn     (Total participants of the day – 2)

2nd  Dec – Charlie Hillsmith (Total participants – 4)

1st    Dec – Glen Murphy        (Total participants – 9)

30th Nov – Cameron Duce     (Total participants – 7)

29th Nov – Dylan Dunlop       (Total participants – 10)

28th Nov – Warren Jeffries  (Total participants – 13, Hurray)

27th Nov –  Liam Amani       (Total participants – 0, we have selected from the overall supporters)

26th Nov –  Jill Falconer      (Total participants – 2)

25th Nov –  Walter Berger   (Total participants – 3)

Till 11 December, all supporters who pledge will get a chance to win one case of Thorny Devil beer (delivered) FREE.

We will choose 1 in every 10 supporters as a winner and will send them case of beer for free. For instance, if we get 20 supporters for that day we will choose 2 winners. If we don’t get any pledges for that day, winner will be announced from overall supporters.

So, chances are very high to win a free case everyday = Test your luck.

Chosen pledgers will be announced in the Thorny Devil social media accounts the following day.

AND FREE Beer for the Year competition: if we reach our stretch target FIVE pledgers will win two cases per month for 2017 = 24 cases delivered = FRREEE…


NOW a little history for you:-

Our main beer brewing tank has “warped” so we had to order a new one.

We have been able to cover the first $25,000 on the deposit of this tank and after all but receiving a loan from the bank they pulled the pin and left us 25 grand short of fulfilling the remaining 50% of the cost on the tank.

And now the bank says: no. No. WHAT!!!…

We have invested so much into this caper and we have already developed a great loyal following.

Banks have no respect (now I need to give you the whole story:-

Please note that crowdfunding pledging has to take place via the Pozible webpage (this page also has our “lovely video”: this will give you some idea of what your free comic book will be like…

We will also use this page to give you more details / facts / information and links to other pages.


ALSO: if you are a commercial enterprise you can obtain our commercial rates = HERE
BUT during this campaign we will give ALL bulk purchasers our wholesale rates =

If you order between 11 and 25 cases we will give you 20% off.

If you order more than 26 cases we will give you 25% off.

Please call Tony on 1800 995 007 to organise this.

NOTE: for those that take up this offer during this crowdfunding campaign we will give the same “wholesale” offer for the next three years.

Now for a little History:

Thorny Devil was created by Peter McAppion. Peter is the son of a winemaker. Being a true Australian, Peter wanted to create beer = smart man. He has developed Thorny Devil in the last half-dozen years into an Australian Award Winning Craft beer.

Some of the 2015 and 2016 craft beer awards:

Thorny Devil is brewed out of the small Cape Bouvard Winery. His father’s winery.
In the world famous region of southern WA, where

“Thrombolites, ‘living rocks’, are the most common form of microbialites,
which are rock-like structures built by micro-organisms.
One of the few places in the world where the thrombolites grow is at Lake Clifton in Western Australia’s Yalgorup National Park which is located 32 kilometres south of Mandurah. The lake is also one of only two sites known where microbialites occur in water less salty than sea water. The lake contains the largest lake-bound microbialite reef in the southern hemisphere.”

Cape Bouvard, which is where Peter’s Thorny Devil brewery is located,
185 Clifton Downs Road, Herron, WA, Australia, is right on these famous thrombolites = come and visit, one day. We now have the annual “Festival of the Devil”
: more about that later…

So Peter has a passion for craft beer and established the brewery. The Thorny Devil:

The Thorny Devil is a very famous Australian “devil” or “dragon”.

Peter does not want to be world famous, but he would love to lever the great fresh water
he has, all the natural ingredients available and ensure people get preservative free beer.

So he has created a range of beers:

For this crowdfunding campaign we are going to focus on giving you the Pale Ale and the Blonde Ale.

The truth is that we cannot bottle the beer at the moment.

The beer tank has broken and our production line will need “approving” when we have paid the remaining 50% for the beer tank = which is on the ship now.

The bank has said no more funds (they changed their minds at the last minute!!!; so we need your help = PLEASE.

We will not go on about the campaign, go to this page on Pozible for all the details; suffice to say we cannot bottle until we raise the funds and pay for the tank to then be “commissioned”
: then we have all legally ticked = insurance & health…

So more about Peter and Thorny Devil (there is a lot more detail at)

There is also a lot more about each of the beers:

So, I really just need to focus on the campaign.

We have good distribution around Mandurah :

We sell kegs to a few of the local pubs and clubs.

We attend all the local festivals.

Over the last twelve months we have invested in our bottling line. This will avail all Australians of our great craft beer.

We invested into the bottle machinery and we had the beer tank working. Then BANG.

The manufacturer will always give a guarantee until you actually need their guarantee.

We had no choice. We had to purchase another.

And now the bank says: no. No. No more what: respect!…


We are asking our followers.

We are asking our industry press.

We are asking our local media.

Social media…

We must succeed.

Our little Thorny Devil is a winner = satisfaction guaranteed.

For this crowdfunding campaign we are offering a three $75 fixed price for all purchasers.

For this crowdfunding campaign we are offering free Australian delivery.

We will produce the comic book if we reach our stretch target of $75k.
All supporters will be integrated into this annual tale of the “Festival of the Devil”.
Your level of integration is entirely dependent upon your social media sharing / viral success
= the more media you get the more developed and integrated your character will be.


What else should I tell you:

We must reward our best supporters.
The ten Australians selected will be offered the position & title of “Thorny Devil Ambassador”.
This title will reward these “characters” with a lifetime of wholesale pricing.

Please note that such a position will require some ongoing enthusiasm and participation.

Respects & Regards,
Peter McAppion
Brewer & Owner
Thorny Devil Craft Beer.

(one other point to make = ALL pledges will get a signed “certificate” of your acceptance into The “Devil” Foundation as a Lifetime Member you will get ongoing annual benefits) = more details soon…