Drinking Craft Beer: Thorny Devil Craft Beer News

Drinking Craft Beer: Thorny Devil Craft Beer News

Thorny Devil is Australia’s best, favourite Craft Beer


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For this post, I thought I’d look at one of my favorite seasons of beers, Winter beers. These usually have spices and flavors that I line up with the winter season, or are stouts that just make you feel warm on a cold winter night. Let’s check out Craft Beer Academy’s Top 5 Winter Beers, posted in no specific order.



1. Troegs Mad Elf

The first beer in this list is one of my favorites. For me, this beer signals the holiday season and the beers that come with it. For my first beer in this list, I choose Troegs Mad Elf. Mad Elf is a Belgian Fruit-style beer that uses a spicy belgian yeast to give it that Belgian character, but then adds honey and sweet and sour cherries en masse to give it a very fruity, sweet flavor without being over the top. Some chocolate malt is used in the beer as well, giving it a unique malt taste that is barely noticeable over the fruit and Belgian yeast. The sweetness can be seen in this beer’s tiny 15 IBUs as well. Very little hop character or bitterness going on.


Mad Elf rings in at 11% ABV, making it the highest alcohol beer of this list. The tastes in this beer mask the alcohol content nicely, with very little boozy character coming through. All in all, a great yearly beer that I wish was around more often.


  1. What style is it?
    – Belgian Fruit
  2. ABV, IBU
    – 11% ABV
    – 15 IBU
  3. What makes it special
    – Honey, sweet and sour cherries
    – Spicy belgian yeast
    – chocolate malt


2. 21st Amendment Fireside Chat

The second beer in this list is from the 21st Amendment Brewery. Their Fireside Chat is a Winter Spiced Ale that is definitely full of spice, but not at the risk of being a spice-bomb. Fireside Chat uses the standard Winter Ale spices, but adds cocoa nibs to give a unique flavor and aroma to this beer. 21st Amendment started this beer as a n English-Style Ale, then adds the spices and cocoa nibs to make a truly unique Winter Ale.


At 7.9% ABV and 45 IBUs, this is a higher-than-average beer in regard to alcohol, but fairly low in bitterness, which lets the spices come through. I’m a big fan of most everything from 21st Amendment, and this is no exception.


  1. What style is it?
    – winter spiced ale
  2. ABV, IBU
    – 7.9% ABV
    – 45 IBU
  3. What makes it special
    – spices and cocoa nibs added to this winter beer
    – starts as english style ale



3. Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout

When I think of Winter beers, the first thing I think of isn’t spiced ales, but stouts. Brooklyn’s Black Chocolate Stout is a shining example of an Imperial Stout, which is why it made this list. Brooklyn uses a small amount of wheat in this beer, as well as three mashes to get the beer they are looking for. This, along with some specially roasted malts round out this awesome stout.


Black Chocolate Stout is the second-highest beer on this list in terms of ABV, coming in at 10%. The alcohol in this beer is definitely noticeable, but I feel it pairs nicely with the chocolate stout style. While this is a chocolate stout, it does start to introduce some bitterness, with 51 IBUs. This is another beer I wish I could get all year.


  1. What style is it?
    – Imperial Stout
  2. ABV, IBU, etc
    – 10% ABV
    – 51 IBU
  3. What makes it special
    – contains some wheat
    – once made for catherine the great
    – uses 3 mashes
    – specially roasted malts



4. Souther Tier 2xmas

Southern Tier is known for making some awesome higher alcohol beers, and the next entry on this list is no exception. Their 2XMAS is a double spiced-ale based on an alcoholic beverage from Sweden called Glögg. Southern Tier uses figs, orange peel, cardamom, cloves, and ginger to give this spiced ale a very unique taste and one of a kind aroma.


2XMAS sits at 8% ABV, so while it isn’t their highest ABV beer, it is in the higher range. The alcohol is detectable in this beer, however, but since it is paired nicely with the spices, it is a welcome addition.


  1. What style is it?
    – double spiced ale
  2. ABV
    – 8% ABV
  3. What makes it special
    – figs, orange peels, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger added to this beer
    – based on Swedish Glögg



5. Anchor Christmas

The last entry on this list has one thing that sets it apart from the others. Anchor’s Christmas ale is known as a Winter Warmer, but the beer itself is different every year. Overall, this is a great beer every year it is released. Anchor generally keeps it around 5-6% ABV, and uses some form of ale for it. The label has a tree on it, and the only thing that changes on it is the type of tree from year to year.


If you get a chance, try this beer. It will be the only year you will get it, and next year, you’ll have something totally different!


  1. What style is it?
    – winter warmer
  2. ABV
    – Around 5.5% ABV
  3. What makes it special
    – totally different beer every year
    – different tree on every year’s label



Well, that just about wraps up my top 5 Winter beers. Have a favorite that didn’t make it on the list? Put it in the comments below! I’m always looking for a new beer to get into this list.


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