A Few First-Timers in the Bottle!

A Few First-Timers in the Bottle!

The Return of a Favourite, and a Few First-Timers in the Bottle

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it—at least that’s what we’ve always heard. Judging by the popularity of our Passion Fruit IPA, it doesn’t need any fixing at all, so we’ve decided to bring it back for another run. Blending notes of citrus and tropical zest with a base of passion fruit, this IPA runs 6.5% ABV and tantalizes with its signature passionfruit zing.

At the same time, we’ve decided to take another favourite up a notch with the first bottle run of our popular Celebration Ale. A dessert beer made from Jarrah honey and chai spices, Celebration Ale comes in at 7.0% ABV, and is a rich, dark ale perfect for cool evenings. It’s like Christmas pudding in a bottle!

Backed by the success of our Dark Ale and Vienna Lager at the recent beers awards, you’ve been asking for us to put these tap favourites in bottles. Well, you ask, you get. But hurry – we have limited stocks on hand. Order now.

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