Food, Glorious Food

Food, Glorious Food

Pairing your beer with appropriate food is always worth a bit of extra effort. That little added attention make an overall dining experience disproportionately rewarding – a classic case of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. Fortunately, this beer and food matching movement really seems to be catching on. People are waking up to the fact that the artisans of the brewery aren’t so different to their kitchen-based counterparts, relentless as they all are in pursuit of quality and flavour.


For Sydney Craft Beer Week, brewers, chefs and venues have been mixed together like a giant stir fry, combining to remind us of the diverse ways in which beer and food go together. It doesn’t matter if the pinnacle of your previous beer and food matching attempts is a mass-produced lager with a processed sausage or if you’re an expert at matching porters and puddings, SCBW will undoubtedly have something to tickle your particular tastes.

For those wanting to head straight to the top table, Sydney’s plethora of high quality restaurants has you well covered. A forewarning though – if you’re interested in some of these one-night-only, once-in-lifetime beer dinner experiences, your main obstacle may be in obtaining one of the rapidly-diminishing number of tickets remaining. Case in point is Three Blue Ducks, who are hosting two feasts, one of which is already sold out. But if the menu for that Bridge Road dinner is any indication, the one hosted by the guys from Beer Days and 4 Pines should be equally impressive.

Bloodwood in Newtown is stepping up to the plate by piling on the plates during their six brewer’s dinners. Each of those will be hosted by a different brewer, such as Steve Henderson from Southern Bay who’ll also be bringing along ‘Pepper Steak Porter 2’ – a beer made as part of the ‘Beer Mimics Food’ theme that’s running through the week.

Adding to that theme is the magnificent menu for Food Flight @ Danks St Depot, where Riverside Brewing and HopDog BeerWorks have done a ‘tri-collaboration’ with chef Jared Ingersoll on a beer named ‘Assaisonner Tri Canus Flumen’. At the Harts Pub Degustation, Craig Wealands from Thirsty Crow and Scotty Morgan from Rocks Brewing will be testing the food-matching skills of the chefs by bringing four beers each to the table, two of which will be brand new and right up the heaviness scale.

Brewers will be a permanent fixture at dinner tables around town as they share their beer and help guests get the most out of the beer and food experience. The Brewers & Chewers rates pretty highly on the uniqueness scale with a bunch of top brewers playing a speed-dating style of game, changing tables as guests munch on tasty treats from the The Local Taphouse Darlo and overseen by the Secret Foodies. In a more brewery-specific event, The Oak Barrel has the challenge of pairing food with Holgate’s much-loved beers, with Paul Holgate on hand to help break down the flavours.



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