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FREE craft beer / free beer delivery

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If you were planning on introducing a beer into the Australian market, what style would it be? Put that question to a hardcore craft beer drinker and you would perhaps be greeted with a hop bomb, a lambic or an Imperial anything. But put it to the general beer drinking population and most will probably tell you that they would brew a lager.

From a commercial point of view, the latter response would be an eminently sensible one. Lager is, by a considerable margin, the most popular and dominant style available in the Australian market. For many consumers, weaned for generations on the virtues of ice cold beer, drinking a lager is not simply an option – it is effectively the only option. And it is precisely these people upon whom the newest arrival into Australia’s brewing fraternity will be pinning their hopes of success…


In keeping with enormous scale of their existing business, this new brewery is suitably grand and a bold statement of intent. Before their first beer has even officially hit the shelves, production capacity sits at whopping 300,000 hectolitres, with plans already in place to increase it further. It’s no exaggeration to suggest that the capacity of their pilot brewery alone would be greater than the sum of many craft breweries. And it is all absolutely state-of-the-art. For brewers and those with more than a passing interest in stainless steel, this is the stuff of dreams – room after room glistening with a flawless silver sheen. Andy Mitchell, head brewer and veteran of around three decades in the industry, is the veritable kid-in-a-candy store. With a big smile he says: As a brewer, this place is an absolute pleasure to brew in…


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